4 Ways to Improve Call Center Customer Service

It can be difficult to excel at customer service when your representatives never see the customers face-to-face. With better phone training, however, you can give them the tools they need to make a personal connection even over the phone. If you’re interested in attracting, retaining and ultimately satisfying new customers, here are four tips to “wow” them every time.

1: Ditch the Script

While it can be a useful tool for newbies, your long-term employees will know how to help customers in ways that aren’t covered by a two- or three-page memo. Trust their instincts and experience. Don’t force them to become parrots for the company line.

2: Personalize the Service

Everyone in your call center should be referring to the customers by name. They should also be asking for account information as soon as the call begins in order to deliver specific, customized service instead of vague “general” support.

3: Upgrade Your Tech

This goes hand-in-hand with personalized service. If your employees are working from outdated computers with backlogged systems, how are they supposed to know that Mrs. Jones has never missed a payment? How will they know to express gratitude that she’s been a loyal customer since 2005?

4: Ask the Experts

If all else fails, or if you’re just keen to craft your employees into the ultimate brand representatives, consider outsourcing the problem to the professionals. For example, call center customer service from Impact Learning can train your staff in everything from cross-selling to technical support.

These are just four ways to improve customer relations from the other end of the phone. Remember, a good attitude is half the battle, so make sure your employees know how to infuse warmth in their voices and over the line. Customers can hear a smile even across thousands of miles.

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