Types of Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts have an elastic waistband. It is quite loose so it fits well. Many types of shorts are sold in online stores apart from the traditional offline stores and markets. There is a lot of choice in design and patterns offered online. It is surprising to find a vast variety of shorts with a growing demand worldwide. Men prefer these shorts to the other types of underwear. We will discuss the types of shorts sold in the market. Following are the main types of shorts that you can choose.
Wide Variety Available
The wearer of these shorts has an easy and uninterrupted leg movement and that’s why it is preferred by most men. Just as we need to move the arms freely, a free leg movement is also important. Men like to use the shorts, as it is available in many colors and styles helping in creating a fashionable look. This is a major advantage over the other undergarments for men like the briefs. Briefs have very limited styles and designs and not much variety is possible in them. Due to this, boxers have become popular among the men.

Types of Openings
The shorts are easy to wear as it has a fly opening in the front. It can be closed with buttons and metallic snaps. Some shorts are made in such a way that fastening is not needed. In these types of shorts, the fabric overlaps to close the opening without the need of any other fastening. Such a design is termed as open fly shorts. Some types of fitted boxers have horizontal opening instead of the front fly with a button. Some men like to use the shorts with a fly while some like to use shorts without fastening. The men can choose the best type of shorts in which they feel comfortable and easy to move.
Balloon Seat and Yoked Design
The shorts are not made with a stretchable fabric material. Instead of this, a loose piece of fabric is shaped to create a balloon seat. This design feature helps in moving the legs freely. It is easy to bend forward in these shorts. Some types of shorts come with a yoke design. A yoke is created at the waist region. The yoked boxers were popular in World War 2.
Types of Prints and Patterns
Many types of boxer shorts are sold in the market. The white, pastel and printed boxers are commonly used by most men. Shorts come with different patterns like stripes and square, round or other geometrical shapes. There are special patterns for men who want to look different. Any type of design and pattern can be chosen according to one’s liking and requirement.

Types of Prints
Just like prints, there is a choice of many types of fabrics in these shorts. Cotton is the most common fabric for the shorts that is suitable for all seasons. Mixed variety of fabric with cotton and polyester is also available. There is also a choice of buying shorts made of organic cotton. Silk shorts are sold for those looking for special shorts with a glamorous look. Some men like to use the jersey knit shorts. These days, shorts are available in anti-bacterial fabric. It is an ideal choice for health-conscious men. The fabric of this type of shorts can absorb sweat so it is added benefit.
Opaque and Transparent Shorts
The fabric of shorts can be made of an opaque material in which you can see through the fabric. Semi-opaque shorts are available in which there is partial transparency. For the men who are too much adventurous, transparent shorts are available in which the fabric is fully transparent. All types of fabric options are possible with no limit in the choice for buyers.
Designer Shorts
Underwear companies offer designer boxer shorts. There is a huge market for such shorts. Many sportsmen like to buy these shorts, as they are quite good for sports activities. The shorts can be used for indoor games. You can also use the designer shorts for outdoor games.

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