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WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform used by wide range of audiences around the world. The very first thing  one can see in WordPress blog is the theme. I opine that the theme plays an important role in success of any blog. People will not return to your blog if it looks ugly and unresponsive. In the other words beauty of a blog can relate to colors used, the order in which items placed, navigation, items on header and cleanliness. Newbies are often doubtful about the info about Free VS Premium WordPress themes. This article discusses about self hosting wordpress themes. So let’s get started.

Free vs Premium WordPress themes

Generally, WordPress themes are categorized into 2 categories:  free and premium. You may come across several websites which offer both free and premium themes. The very first question flashed in my mind is that why should one offer the free theme. Designer can benefit in two ways i.e. backlink and source of design. You can find hyperlink of the designer or service site at the bottom of the footer. In some peculiar cases you can locate ads on the header or sidebar. Theme designer urges users not to remove the hyperlink. Everyone accepts that it is a courtesy given for the designer.  Where as  in the case of premium themes you don’t find any credits.

WordPress suggests simple,clean and responsive theme to its users. But one should accept the fact that we can’t do much with free themes. The appearance and functionality are very simple when compared to premium themes.

Free wordpress theme

Free WordPress Theme

Image credit : WordPress

Disadvantages of free themes

1. In most of the cases you don’t get technical support.

2. In some cases the designers follow black hat SEO techniques like hiding keywords. Sometimes the links are spammy and it makes hell for newbies when he/she tries to remove the hyperlink in the footer. The site may suddenly stop functioning. The problem could probably be fixed but it is a waste of time for bloggers.

3. The themes are less attractive than premium ones.

Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress Theme

Image credit : Copyblogger

Why should one choose Premium theme over free WordPress theme

1. Premium WordPress themes are compatible with any browser.

2. Premium themes comes with customizable  features where a user can change the appearance easily. Even some free themes offers customizable features but users can’t utilize them to the fullest.

3. Designer or designing company offers 100% support to the premium users. They will fix any issue at earliest which in turn saves user time.

4. Some companies offer users to select multiple elegant theme designs. You need to check it personally.

5. The theme would be absolutely free from ads, credit links and spammy keywords.

In the last it is the content which matters the most. Even Search giant Google loves simple themes. One should not bother much about theme if the blog content is great and informative. I don’t stress you to ignore the appearance completely. Make sure that your theme looks simple, responsive and easily navigable.

Final conclusion:  Free themes suits well for personal and company blogs. If you are big or want to establish your identity (brand) in the internet world then go for Premium theme.

I hope newbies find this article Free VS Premium WordPress themes helpful.

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