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  1. Susan Velez says:

    Great post, I used to use free themes when I first got started online. Especially since some premium themes are so expensive. I now use Woo themes and I love them. I have used other themes like Elegant themes. Are there any premium themes that you just highly recommend?

  2. Suresh vurity says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for stopping by my post. I’m glad you like it. Themeforest is a great alternative to Woo themes and Elegant themes. But, I strongly recommend Studiopress as all the themes are stunning responsive and search optimized. The technical support is really good. I wish you great success. 🙂

  3. Free things are not always the best. Sometimes it may cost you a little to get a premium theme but see it like an investment and not just spending.

    1. Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for the comment. I completely agree with you. One must see it is an investment.

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