2 Great Types of Videos to Promote a Blog or Website Using Videos

Using videos as part of a marketing campaign isn’t new – and in fact it has become increasingly popular as time has gone by. If you want to really maximize your blog or website promotion efforts, you need to be tapping into the potential of videos and using them in various ways to do just that.


While there are numerous ways in which you can use videos to promote a blog or website, the three that stand out are:

  1. Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Essentially the video version of a blog, vlogs are a personality-driven form of video that normally consists of the vlogger talking in front of a webcam. It is a cheap and easy way to produce a video that will help you connect with your audience and you can use it to direct their attention to your blog or website.

  1. Tutorials and Video Guides

By showing people how to perform something with a tutorial or video and then directing them to your blog or website to find out more – you could tap into a wellspring of traffic. The key to producing an effective tutorial is to ensure that it is concise, precise, and helps solve a problem that the viewers may be facing.

As with any videos that you intend to use for a marketing campaign, it is essential to ensure that it looks and feels professional. Having an ‘amateur’ video that is of poor quality will reflect badly on your blog and website, so you should definitely take the trouble to edit your video with software like the Movavi Video Editor.

Using the Movavi Video Editor you’ll have tons of powerful features that you can utilize to ensure your videos look great. It will allow you to cut and combine segments of video, enhance the video quality, add animated transitions between scenes, insert customizable text, and even add audio to video so you can include a voice over or background music.

Be sure to take full advantage of these features, and don’t hesitate to experiment and try new things. The more you’re able to polish your video and make it look and feel professional, the better the end result will be when you upload it and start to use it to promote your blog or website. In fact, if it goes viral you could even attract far more attention than you bargained for.

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