Poptm Review : (Scam) Pop-Under Advertising Network

Poptm is a pop-under ad network connecting potential advertisers and reputed publishers worldwide. Located in India this pop ad network assures to bypass 90% of adblockers. Apart from pop under monetization solutions for publishers there are attractive offers for advertisers too. Poptm review sites before approving them.

Requirements for publishers to join PopTm pop-under ad network

  • There are no specific traffic restrictions for sites to join this pop under ad network.
  • This pop under ad network accepts adult sites as long as the content is legal. This network don’t tolerate child abuse content.
  • This pop-under ad network accepts all niches and all types of sites.


  • Publishers must not use bots, auto refreshing software, traffic exchanges and proxies to generate fake traffic.
  • Publishers must not encourage others to view ads.

Note : Publishers caught guilty may lose their earnings as well as accounts.


The revenue share publishers would get is 95%. Publishers get paid on Net 0 basis. That is they get paid on request. The threshold payout is $10. The payment options available are PayPal, Payza and Bitcoin.

Referral program

Publishers can boost up their revenue referring people to this pop under network. The commission is 10%.


  • Easy acceptance
  • No traffic requirements
  • Global coverage
  • Clean ads
  • Competitive rates
  • Real time reporting system
  • Pop-under ads can work along with other ad networks like Adsterra and Propeller ads.
  • WordPress users can install plugin for monetization.
  • Referral program
  • 24×7 Dedicated customer support

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Final Conclusion

Publishers must give it a try to Poptm pop-under ad network. The rates of pop-under ads will be higher than mainstream display banners. Publishers who are using this network can share their experiences in the comments section below. They can also send payment screenshots here. Hope this Poptm review help publishers to get started.

Update : This Network Stopped Responding To Publishers And They Are Probably Scammers.

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3 thoughts on “Poptm Review : (Scam) Pop-Under Advertising Network

  1. Thanks for this informative article that is very useful for all publishers who want earn extra revenue from adblock users. This month i use on my blog: http://www.karan.mobi and earning is only 36.08$ and it’s eCPM basically 0.5$-1$ max only. When i request for withdraw they reject my request and send a email that i have no traffic from proper source, that way i create a ticket and send google analytics report but still no reply received from poptm. In earlier day poptm provide 24×7 online customer support but recently they stop online support. Now just waiting for replay from poptm. Let’s see it is fake or genuine……

    1. Hi Karan Sad to hear about your bad experience. Try all the sources to reach them. Please update if your issue get resolved. I wish you great success.

  2. Thank you for publishing review. Now i’ll share my total experience with poptm. It will help other bloggers.

    -: poptm.com is scam Ad Network :-

    Don’t trust poptm.com – A Pop-Under Adnetwork for bypass adblock users. When I earned 36$ then they reject my payment and told a foolish resons that i have no traffic source. They told give them admin access in google analytics account, then give them admin access but there was no reply. so, I removed ad code from my site and then I received a message to place ad code in site for analysis better and it’ll help verification team. Then I placed ad code again in my site and now balance is 42$+ but 7 days gone my payment still not processed. I shared this problem with many online friends and they also told that poptm.com is scam that way digital forum banned them and through google analysis admin access they are stealing site information like: keyword and most popular topic name, high traffic keyword etc. Actually that site was running by 1 person and using 3 name as staff : Prem, Raja and Servesh. They are big scammers and doing marketing based on Ad network to bypass adblock users.

    Scam proof:


    If you are a blogger then you will know how earning 42$ online is very difficult and need how much hard work. so, don’t waste your hard work and money with poptm. share this message to every blogger and it’ll be very helpful to all. Thank you.

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