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  1. junaid khan says:

    ad maven is best cpm network.

  2. Jan Veduri says:

    Work with ad-maven since the end of 2015, so almost 2 years. No payment problems, high CPM, good offers.

  3. Ad-maven has good anti-adblock solution for users who installed adblocks.

    1. Does the system really work? I’ve faced adblock problem about 2 years ago.
      And what about the quality of ads?

  4. Good alternative to AdSense. Ad-maven also works with adblockers and lots of other pros.

  5. I use ad-mvaen for mixed traffic, it offers better CPM than other networks.

  6. Garry VBR says:

    The only network that shows good cpm for european traffic.

  7. Roberto Santes says:

    I was thinking over to install ad-maven for 6 month. Some of the reviews were good, some say it is a scam… but mainly users say they pay. In December 2017 I started. I was easy to install and get the work done. Support guy helped me a lot at the beginning. I got my first $89 at the beginning of Feb 2018 and after that every 30 days.

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