Matomy SEO review : Publishers make money selling links

Matomy SEO review

Matomy SEO is a professional SEO services network.  It’s a part of Matomy Media group which is also popular for display advertising and affiliate network. This network has a bunch of SEO and content marketing experts. This SEO group is serving thousands of publishers, advertisers and agencies worldwide. MatomySEO acquired Text Link Ads (TLA) ad network in 2013. Matomy is serving more than 60 billion ad impressions per month. Publishers make money selling links on their websites.

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matomy seo
Image credit : Matomy SEO

MatomySEO network purely deals links. Matomy SEO review sites before approving them. They only accept high traffic sites. Generally publishers get notified via E-mail within 24 hours. Publishers can monetize by placing code on their sites. You may need to fill the basic things like name, keywords, description etc. Be aware of the places where the links get placed. MatomySEO will take care of all the things. Your site will get listed in the marketplace within 48 hours. Advertisers (buyer ) will buy links (ads) on your site if they find your site impressive. Being a publisher you could straightaway approve the links. If you find links fishy you could also reject them.

Once you get approved by Matomy SEO things start happening in the right direction. Publishers don’t need to bother about clicks and impressions anymore. All the ads get priced monthly.


The revenue share for publishers is 50%. Publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The threshold payout is $25. The payment options are PayPal, Check, Payoneer and Matomy SEO voucher.

Matomy SEO voucher : All your earnings will get converted into SEO voucher. You can use this voucher to buy advertisements. In addition to it your advertiser account will  get credited with 15% bonus.

Pros of Matomy SEO network

  • Reputed network
  • Works with big advertisers.
  • Simple installation
  • The links are very much relevant to the site content.
  • Works well with other ad networks like Adsense and
  • Control on incoming links.
  • Referral program
  • Timely payments
  • Excellent support

Cons of Matomy SEO network

  • This network doesn’t accept low traffic sites.
  • Buying and selling links is illegal in the eyes of Google.

Affiliate program

Publishers can also make money referring publishers and advertisers to MatomySEO. You will earn $25 for referring an advertiser and 10% of earnings if you refer a publisher. With increase in referred publisher’s income you could earn up to 15%. The following image shows the significant figures.

matomy seo affiliate
Image credit : Matomy SEO

Final Conclusion :

Matomy SEO is for those sites which have huge traffic, great content and impressive web design. As long as your site is generating decent US and European traffic sky is the only limit. Hope Matomy SEO review help publishers to get started.

Join MatomySEO network and start making money selling links

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