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  1. Hello suresh! often visit your blog. Recently, my adsense ads was disabled on my blog and looking for alternative sources and i read on other blog post about native ads. Will, definitely try this one. Just for the clarification ! on my blog i have ptc links, but i don’t buy any paid traffic and 89% am getting pure organic traffic from google every day. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Charan, Native ads are beneficial only when you your site receive millions of pageviews monthly. You are good enough to attract majority of organic traffic. May I know your traffic? Most of the ad networks are against to PTC stuff.So it depends. Give a try to AdsKeeper and let me know the result. Wish you a great success. 🙂

  2. Maria Lin says:

    hey i’ve tried ads on my website and i have earned almost 350$ but when i tried to draw them out by adding payment method. Actually there are no payment method. I contacted their support team and account manager but no one replied till yet.

    1. Sunny Singh says:

      Hello Maria,

      Did you get any response from them? I’m also using adskeeper. Kindly let me know that they are fake or not?

      Best regards!

  3. lifebollywoodblog says:

    AdsKeeper needs min 3000 unique visitors per day, this point you missed as when i applied for my website i got this reply from them

    1. Adskeeper Support says:

      Hello Babak,

      Many thanks for rising this question in front of all audience. Your account was fined due to fraudulent traffic. Our QA team has detected suspicious activity from your resource, after thorough investigation we have detected invalid clicks, your payment was refunded for our Advertisers.
      Please check the screenshot from Forensiq anti-fraud system:

      Feel free to contact our support team or share your thoughts here if you require any assistance.

      1. Yeah, of course. U did the same thing to me. My website generates at least 300K impressions a day and 2000 clicks are bot for you? Cmon. And where is our manager when needed. You don’t even have an appeal form, but it’s okay as soon as the money you froze from my account refunded for your “Advertisers”

  4. Hello there, I have a adskeeper account, I already placed ads on my website. On desktop it shows ads, then I placed a mobile ads on my site but it is not showing, what I have to do ?

    1. Did you check on different mobile browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari? If you encounter the same problem on all these browsers, then you must contact support team.

    2. Adskeeper Support says:

      Hello Cep,
      Please send your account details (email or website domain) to our support email ([email protected]) and we’ll connect you with your account manager who will help you to solve your problem.

    1. Could you please share your experience?

  5. Hello , I have a website with more than 35000 page views. The website is a online movie streaming website . Can I place Adskeeper ads on my website?

    1. Yes you can use them. Apply as a publisher. All the best.

  6. I tried both MGID and Adskeeper native ads on my website. I found MGID’s ecpm is more then Adskeeper. But I like Adskeeper interface very much.

  7. CoolGospel says:

    Sir please is Adskeeper Scam?

    1. YES. Stay away from them.

  8. The company has developed very well good since its foundation and offers various formats of advertising to monetize the audience. If you have any questions, you can contact [email protected], and they will always be happy to help you and tell you which ad is best to place for the best possible profits that match your expectations.

  9. Your content and review is good about ads keeper. I am using it on my site.

  10. AdsKeeper’s model is ridiculous. They claimed that my organic site and ad clicks were bot-generated.
    Trying to reach them for an explanation was frustrating to begin with.

    1. Sad to hear your bad experience with them.

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