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  1. shiv kumar says:

    nice article.thanks for sharing this

  2. SUNITA SRIRAM says:

    We are all tempted to monetize our sites with this article filled with useful info 🙂 Thanks Suresh for the finer points..

    1. I’m glad you liked my article. Thanks Sunita for the comment.

  3. i tried monetizey, i added 6 sites they accepted only 2.
    next 2 days they stopped calculating my views without any notification, i contacted them they said im banned.
    example of my sites:
    i see they pay high CPM, but they will not accept sites with good traffic.

    1. Monetizey says:

      Hello, this is not true. The reason we suspend accounts and then ban them is usually down to sites receiving high numbers of fraudulent visits from bot traffic.

      This is very easily detectable. Every site or user is rejected and banned for good reasons after careful consideration.

      Thank you. Publisher Team.

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