PopWin review : popunder ad network

PopWin review

PopWin is a Romania based pop-under advertising network. This ad network is successfully working with several advertisers and publishers around the world. The revenue model of PopWin is CPM i.e. publishers get paid based on ad impressions. The more the impressions the site get, the more revenue publishers would get. So simple, isn’t it? The best thing about this network is there are very few rules for to join publisher program. PopWin review sites based on rating system. The rating works according to quality of the site. High quality sites can make more money with higher eCPM rates.

 popwin review

Requirements to join PopWin pop-under advertising network

  • The site must host legitimate content and abide by the law to join publisher program.
  • The content must not host content related to spam, hacking, virus or warez.
  • After approval sites must not indulge in fraudulent activities like using software to manipulate impressions.
  • Approved sites must not generate fake traffic using autosurfers, proxys, bots or traffic exchanges. PopWin will straightaway terminate publisher accounts if found guilty.


PopWin publishers get paid on Net 7 basis and the threshold payout is $20. The payment options are PayPal, Payza and Wire Transfer.

Pros of PopWin pop-under advertising network

  • Getting approval from PopWin is easy for the publishers.
  • Publishers can use PopWin pop-under ads along with other ad networks.
  • PopWin accepts adult sites too.
  • Publishers can monetize both desktop and mobile traffic with PopWin ads.
  • Competitive eCPM rates
  • Minimum threshold payout
  • Weekly payments
  • Payments are always made on time.
  • Publishers could see real-time stats
  • Referral program
  • Publishers would get a prompt response from support team in no time.

Cons of PopWin pop-under advertising network

  • Genuine visitors may find these pop ads annoying. It may harm your traffic.
  • Free blogging platforms like blogspot and Tumblr are not allowed to join PopWin.
  • eCPM rates might be low for non-US traffic.

Referral program

PopWin publishers can earn 13% of the referred publisher’s income. This is very high when compared to other networks.

Final Conclusion of PopWin pop-under advertising network

PopWin is a great source of income for entertainment or download sites. Again the revenue purely depend on quality of the site and the traffic. Apart from pop-under ads publishers have great opportunities to make extra income referring others. Any how publishers must try PopWin along with other ad networks to boost their earnings. But beware of using pop ads with Adsense. Hope this PopWin review help publishers to get started.

Join PopWin pop-under advertising network and start making money

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