Adsnik Media review : CPM advertising network

Adsnik Media review

Adsnik Media is a CPM advertising network based in India. They are working with reputable brands and high quality publishers around the world. The revenue model of this program is CPM. Being a new player in CPM advertising they are quite strategic to stand in the market for longer time. The reason behind it is that passionate people are running Adsnik Media.

Adsnik Media always try to deliver best ad inventory to the Publishers. It’s a win win situation for publishers when it comes to quality as well as best rates. The eCPM rates are competitive in the market. Apart from earnings most of the times the ads are relevant to the content. There are many sites where relevancy of ads is a biggest problem. For instance entertainment ads really look worse on health website. Isn’t it? There is absolutely no problem of irrelevancy when it comes to Adsnik media.

The best thing is that Adsnik Media accepts worldwide traffic. Adsnik Media review every site before approval.

adsnik media review

Ad format

Apart from standard display advertising banners publishers could also place Interstitial, slideshow, HTML 5 and video ads on their sites. Publishers have to use different formats for best results.

Best features of Adsnik Media CPM advertising network

  • Adsnik Media is connected to more than 150 ad exchanges.
  • Adsnik Media runs on powerful cloud servers. It won’t experience any crashing or bandwidth problem.
  • Publishers have nothing to worry about the fill rate. It’s 100%.
  • Publishers can monetize both desktop and mobile traffic with Adsnik Media.
  • Adsnik Media has its own technology in managing ads. This ad network ensures to deliver high quality ads efficiently.
  • They don’t allow sites which have objectionable content like adult.
  • Competitive eCPM rates
  • Unlike some ad networks Adsnik Media never delays payment. Publishers will get paid immediately once they reach threshold earnings.
  • Real time reporting system
  • Great support team


Adsnik Media pays its publishers on Net 30 basis. The threshold payout is $50 and paid via wire transfer.

Final conclusion of Adsnik Media advertising network

Adsnik Media is suitable for all types of legitimate websites. However the earnings of the publishers solely depend on the traffic. Hope this Adsnik Media review help publishers to get started.

Join Adsnik Media and start making money

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  1. Adsnik are not paying their website clients. Do not use this ad network because they are already out of business.

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