CPMoz review – Pop-under advertising network

CPMoz review

CPMoz is a new pop-under advertising network headquartered in US. The revenue model of CPMoz is CPM but sometimes publishers may experience CPC as well. Earlier they served banner adverts but they stopped them and focused on pop-under advertising. The publisher dashboard resembles that of Clicksor‘s interface. CPMoz reviews every publisher site before approving it. Publishers can see their ads working instantly once installation is complete.

Requirements for publishers to join CPMoz pop-under advertising network

  • There are no traffic restrictions for publisher sites to join CPMoz.
  • CPMoz accepts publishers from every part of the world.
  • CPMoz doesn’t allow sites having adult content and any illegitimate material.
  • CPMoz will allow any niche which complies with their policies.

Affiliate Program

CPMoz offers affiliate program to it’s publishers. Being an affiliate you can earn 10% referral commission when any one joins as a publisher or an advertiser.


CPMoz publishers get paid once they reach the minimum payout $5. The only payment option is PayPal. Publishers could receive earnings daily.

Advantages of CPMoz pop-under advertising network

  • CPMoz publishers would get 70% revenue share. However the earnings depend on the traffic (Quality and geographical location) .
  • Low payout. It’s beneficial to small publishers and bloggers.
  • Unlike other ad networks CPMoz publishers don’t have to wait for 45 days or 60 days. They get paid daily once they reach the minimum earnings.
  • Responsive pop-under ads. They work on all gadgets and devices.
  • CPMoz publishers can boost their earnings with the affiliate program.
  • CPMoz always pays its publishers on time.
  • Good support team

 Disadvantages of CPMoz pop-under advertising network

  • CPMoz publishers may sometimes experience low CTR.
  • Pop-unders may annoy your readers. As a result there are chances of losing potential visitors.
  • Publishers can’t see the live stats on their dashboards.
  • No auto approvals of sites.
  • 70-80% fill rate
  • Only 1 graphical affiliate banner for referring publishers.

Final Conclusion of CPMoz pop-under advertising network

CPMoz works well for sites having decent US and European traffic. Small publishers and webmasters must try CPMoz as the payment terms are favorable. Hope this CPMoz review helps newbies to get started.

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