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Adtegrity review

Adtegrity is an online advertising network headquartered in US. It is serving advertisers and publishers globally¬† since 1999. The revenue model of Adtegrity is CPM as well as CPC. Adtegrity reviews every site before approving. Getting approval as a Adtegrity publisher is not an easy task. Adtegrity considers only large publishers and brands. They won’t compromise when it comes to quality. They may take 2 days to review the site thoroughly.

adtegrity review

Requirements to join Adtegrity publisher program

  1. The publisher site must have top-level domain. Adtegrity doesn’t allow free blogspot or wordpress domains.
  2. Adtegrity accepts visually appealing and professional sites.
  3. Adtegrity accepts sites having high quality and original content.
  4. The publisher site must attract 500,000 page views per month. Among them 50% of the traffic should originate from US.
  5. Sites meant for only advertising purpose would be straightaway rejected by Adtegrity.
  6. Adtegrity doesn’t allow 1 page sites, squeeze pages and broken pages.
  7. Publisher sites must make sure that they don’t host any illegitimate content like adult, hatred, hacking and PTC.
  8. Apart from these conditions personal blogs with low readership are ineligible to join Adtegrity.

The main motive of Adtegrity to impose restrictions on publishers are to make potential advertisers happy.

Advertising Format

Adtegrity offers different types of ads like rich media, display, video, pop-ups, mobile and text ads. Publishers could choose different sizes which fits well into the spaces.


Adtegrity pays its publishers on Net 45 basis. The payment options available are PayPal and check. The minimum payout publishers must reach is $50.

Advantages of Adtegrity publisher program

  1. High quality ad inventory
  2. 100% fill rate
  3. Timely payment
  4. Adtegrity ads can work together with other ad networks like Adsense and

Disadvantages of Adtegrity publisher program

  1. Newbies and small bloggers can’t join this network.
  2. CPM rates are very less with non-US traffic.
  3. Difficult to get accepted.
  4. It counts only unique page views. Repeated impressions would be dumped.
  5. No referral program
  6. Reporting system is not so great.

Final conclusion of Adtegrity publisher program

Adtegrity is for those high quality sites which manages to attract huge traffic( Minimum half million page views per month) from US and Europe. Large publishers must try Adtegrity and see if it works. Hope this Adtegrity review help to get started.

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