Conversant review – advertising network

Conversant review

Conversant ( Previously ValueClick ) is one of the leading advertising networks in the world. It started its journey in 1998 and it’s headquartered in US. Conversant is often compared with Google Adsense and networks. Conversant pays its publishers on CPM and CPC basis. Conversant reviews every publisher site before approving it. They have good league of more than 5000 premium advertisers. Commission junction, Greystripe and Dotomi brands work under Conversant.

conversant review

Conversant doesn’t allow sites containing adult content, hatred material or any other illegal content. At the same time they don’t supply illegitimate ads to the publishers. They don’t impose any traffic restrictions to the publishers. But, Conversant works well with high traffic sites.

Publishers could earn in 2 ways with Conversant. The very first one is their publisher program and the second source is their affiliate program.

Advertising formats of Conversant advertising network

Publishers could get access to different types of formats like display, video, in-text and mobile. One could select best sizes to fit in the ad spaces. All the ads are clean from malware and adware. Sometimes Install toolbars or download plugin ads might be annoying. However publishers can filter the ads based on their priorities. The earnings may get lowered if one do so.

Best features of Conversant advertising network

  • Conversant accepts publishers globally
  • Minimum traffic requirements.
  • 100% fill rate
  • High eCPM and CPC rates
  • Publishers have full control on ads.
  • Reporting system
  • Real time stats
  • Apart from advertising publishers could also monetize with affiliate campaigns.
  • High quality ad inventory
  • Responsive campaigns. The ads could easily fit on any gadget.
  • It is not confined to web publishers. Mobile app publishers could also monetize with Conversant.
  • Conversant is a large company having sophisticated infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of people use their enterprise, media and affiliate marketing solutions.
  • Conversant always pays its publishers on time
  • Conversant network ads can work along with other ad networks like Adsense.
  • Conversant publishers could make extra income with the referral program.
  • Great support team

Cons of Conversant advertising network

  • Being a publisher you are not allowed to place more than 1 ad per page. This outcome certainly shows some negative impact on the revenue.
  • Small sites having low traffic may not make much with their ads.
  • No WordPress plugin


Conversant publishers get paid on Net 25 basis via PayPal, Check and direct deposit. The minimum payout is $25.

Final conclusion

Conversant media is for those sites which manages to attract huge traffic from US and Canada. Join this ad network if your site get rejected by Adsense. Hope this Conversant review helps publishers to get started.

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2 thoughts on “Conversant review – advertising network

  1. Hi,

    I tried to apply for the network in past but my application was rejected. Luckily I approved for Media.Net but even after sending the lakh of visitors they didn’t even come close to Adsense earning. According to me none of the network can match to Adsense.

    1. Hello Tauseef,

      Nice to hear your experiences with Conversant and I agree with you. No other networks can be compared with Adsense. Thanks for your comment.

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