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  1. Apply IPO says:

    How much it pays for investment sites as this type of sites generally have better cpm rates, I have a IPO related website which helps keeping investors informed about the IPO market so what will be its average CPM.

  2. Cool Wallpapers says:

    I have two website , I am running AdSense on one website for another one I am looking for CPM ads network, my website niche is wallpapers . should I join this network?

    1. Hi, CPMPub not review sites when publisher register, accept all traffic (not fake traffic,boot trafic, adut…) .It is the best CPM Ad Network focused banner ad format, ever i see, i am not joking like others, its true. They give high eCPM rates up to 0.7 USD and for god’s faith i got 0.5$ eCPM for 160×600 banner size. I think you should try

      1. Muscle and Strength Palace says:

        I hope that they will give at least 0.7 $ eCpm for my site too. I am tired of 0.5 and less from Chitika and not counting every impression. Check out my blog

  3. Tried it. Even though most of my traffic is tier 1, I got only 0.04cpm. Also has redirects which made my site flagged by Google for malicious content. I no longer use it.

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