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  1. I am working, it is a best CPM ad network and on time payout

  2. Sandra WILLIAM says:

    I am Sandra from CPX-Traffic, a leading Ad network with direct Publisher’s traffic in Tier 1 countries for POP and Banner campaigns. We serve over 1 million Impressions per day. We can work both in CPM and CPC and can also target device, ISP and Carrier. Campaigns that performs well with us are
    1. Software Download
    2. Installs
    3. Binary
    4. Health and
    5. Education
    Kindly reach me if you have any questions via skype:live:sandra_13104 or by E-mail.
    Sandra William.
    Media Sales Specialist
    CPX Traffic
    Email:[email protected]
    Skype: live:sandra_13104

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