PremiumCPM review : CPM advertising network

PremiumCPM review

PremiumCPM is a reputed CPM advertising network based in US. They are working with large brands and high quality publishers around the world since 2008. The best part of PremiumCPM is that it accepts international traffic. As the name says the revenue model is CPM. PremiumCPM is powered by AppNexus ad serving technologies. PremiumCPM review every application thoroughly and generally they mail the status within 2 days.

premiumcpm review

Requirements to join PremiumCPM advertising network

  1. The site must attract at least 100,000 impressions per month to join PremiumCPM.
  2. The site must not contain objectionable content.
  3. PremiumCPM consider Alexa and ComScore ranking when it comes to approval. Make sure that you have good ranking.
  4. Sites blacklisted by advertisers are not allowed to join PremiumCPM advertising network.
  5. The sites having great content, user-friendly web design and huge traffic will get approved easily.


PremiumCPM pays its publishers on Net 45 basis. The minimum payout is $100. Publishers can receive their payment from either PayPal or Bitcoin.

Pros of PremiumCPM advertising network

  • Once approved by PremiumCPM you’ll be assigned a dedicated manager to monitor their accounts from time to time.
  • PremiumCPM always ensures to deliver high quality ad inventory.
  • The reporting system updates every 3 hours.
  • 100% fill rate
  • The revenue share a publisher would get is more than 70%.
  • PremiumCPM always pays its publishers on time once they reach the threshold earnings.
  • Premium publishers can double their earnings with higher eCPM rates.
  • The eCPM rates are quite competitive.
  • Great support

Cons of PremiumCPM advertising network

  • Small publishers and bloggers cannot join PremiumCPM network due to high traffic restrictions.
  • Getting approval is very tough.
  • The eCPM rates are lower for non-European or non-US traffic.
  • High threshold payment
  • Once your account get banned for any suspicious reason you’ll not be allowed to join it anymore.
  • No referral program


  • Don’t ever send unusual traffic like bots to your site. Your account will get terminated straightaway without any notice.
  • Publishers must not use more than 3 ad units on a webpage.

PremiumCPM vs Adsense

There are some similarities between Adsense and PremiumCPM when it comes to rules. Publishers get full support from PremiumCPM where as Adsense’s support is a nightmare. But, revenue wise Adsense is far better than PremiumCPM.

Final conclusion of PremiumCPM advertising network

PremiumCPM advertising network works well only with large publishers. If you have a great site or blog with huge US and European traffic then don’t hesitate to apply PremiumCPM. Hope this PremiumCPM review help publishers to get started.

Join PremiumCPM advertising network and start making money

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