CoolGuruji review – monetize with this advertising network

CoolGuruji review

CoolGuruji started its journey as a search engine in year 2010. They are maintaining several categories like web, images, news, videos, blog, horoscope, weather, movie timings and cricket score. CoolGuruji launched its own native advertising network in 2015. The revenue model of CoolGuruji is CPC/CPM. According to their site the monthly reach is over 1 million visitors worldwide.

There are no traffic restrictions for publishers to join CoolGuruji advertising network. High traffic sites earn more with CoolGuruji ads. As it is a native advertising network, publishers could use CoolGuruji ads along with other ad network like Adsense and This is a great way for publishers to increase earnings. Site visitors will experience trending sponsored content. Sites having objectionable content like adult, gambling or hacking must stay away from CoolGuruji advertising network.

Sites having great content with adequate traffic can make huge money with CoolGuruji advertising network.

How CoolGuruji native advertising network works

Signup is very simple and publishers need to fill only 3 fields. CoolGuruji review every application thoroughly and it may take 3 working days to complete the process. CoolGuruji has its own technology to study users behavior and deliver ads based on their preferences. Native ads have ability to increase user engagement.

coolguruji review


CoolGuruji pays its publishers on Net 15 basis. The threshold payout is $10 and the only payment option is PayPal.

Best features of CoolGuruji native advertising network

  • Publishers from any part of the world can join CoolGuruji native advertising network.
  • Ads are responsive i.e. they work on all devices.
  • Apart from monetizing web content CoolGuruji can also be used by app publishers to make money.
  • CoolGuruji is offering high revenue share to publishers.
  • The eCPM and CTR rates are competitive.
  • Being a publisher you will get paid for each click/impression.
  • Publishers can place single ad unit on their sites. Visitors don’t see any pop ups or no affiliate ads.
  • Low threshold payout
  • Timely payment

Cons of CoolGuruji native advertising network

  • CoolGuruji takes long time to review sites.
  • Sometimes visitors may experience irrelevant native ads. It may result in readership drop.


  • Publishers must not click on their own ads or encourage others to do.
  • Publishers must not use any software or bots to generate fake clicks.

Final conclusion of CoolGuruji native advertising network

As CoolGuruji is a new ad network it’s too early to judge this publisher program. Publishers must experiment with CoolGuruji on their own to know the end results. Hope this CoolGuruji review helps newbies to get started.

Join CoolGuruji advertising network and start making money

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