How to make money with Affinity

Established in 2006, Affinity serve the needs of  web publishers around the world. It was the time when publishers were running after Google Adsense. Today Affinity is a renowned contextual advertising network similar to Adsense. Publishers are allowed to make money with affinity program. The advertising campaigns run by affinity are CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions), PPC ( Pay per click), CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (Cost per action). Affinity encourages publishers to join publisher program when their site content is clean and legitimate. Unlike other ad networks Affinity doesn’t demand minimum traffic ( Page impressions).

The different ad formats offered by Affinity are In-text, Tag cloud, In-footer, In-page and In-image. However, some formats are available in selected countries only. Most of you might have used Infolinks or Kontera In-Text ads on your site. I recommend Affinity In-text ads too. In-footer monetization is also a great way to boost your earnings. The In-footer ads on your site are either graphic or text banner. The revenue model could be CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL depending on the campaigns. You need to add code to each sub-domain if you want to show ads on them. Publishers can track their earnings on their account dashboard. Affinity simply deduct the earnings generated with click fraud activity.

In-footer advertisement


Affinity pays you via Paypal or Wire transfer on Net 45 basis. The threshold payment for Paypal is $50 and $1000 for Wire transfer. You need to submit W-8 or W-9 tax form to receive earnings.


1. It works well with other ad networks. But make sure the two ads look dissimilar in size and color.

2. Affinity offers 80% revenue share to its publishers. I haven’t seen any advertising network which has come up with so much higher revenue share.

3. eCPM is pretty high when compared to other ad networks which is really a good sign for publishers.

4. The ads shown are relevant to your content. But, some times publishers may see non-relevant ads on their sites.


1. Affinity won’t accept Non-English sites.

2. No affiliate program

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Join Affinity as a publisher

Final conclusion :

It is all about how publishers can make money with Affinity. Affinity is good if the publisher site attracts good traffic. Try it once as you have nothing to lose. If you find Affinity review helpful please do share it with your friends.

28 thoughts on “How to make money with Affinity

    1. Thank you for stopping by my post. The eCPM rate of Affinity purely depends on the location. If your traffic comes from US and Europe then eCPM may be around $1 or even higher. I have heard eCPM rates are low for Asian traffic.

  1. I tried Affinity. It didn’t work for me. Something went wrong with the script at my website.

      1. No problem. When I first installed the script (about a year ago), it was fine. One day (about a week or 2 weeks ago) I went to visit my site to click on the home page and kept getting redirected to a domain that did not exist. I went to the workshop for my website, took out the Affinity script. The site works fine now! Since I have never generated any income from using it, I moved on!

        I mean maybe it works for other people. But how I saw it, it wasn’t worth a follow-up to ensure corrective action. After all the time the script was on my site, zero $ is zero $ Moving on! My time is money too! Holler!

          1. OK. OK. It’s been so long, now I would have to look up contact info for them and everything. But if you think it’s worth a try, maybe I will. But not today. I got a lot on my plate already.

      2. Hi! I tried to follow up and apparently I am no longer in their system. I won’t be reapplying because of the reasons I indicated. Hope this works for others who use Affinity.

        FYI. I wanted to reply via the comment string we started, but your system kept directing a reply to the commenter named “Charles”.

        So I just wrote a brand new comment.

        1. Hi Treathyl,
          Nice to hear from you again. So I hope you are doing good with other programs. Commenting system is fine at my end. Your comment is published on the same thread. 🙂

          1. Yeah the other programs you mention here at this blog that I am trying work for me. I’m not trying to bad-mouth the company. I’m just saying their program didn’t work for me. BTW, this time the reply thingamabob is working. 🙂

            P.S. I also like the fact that when I comment I can change the website via the profile and associate a new link with my name. That’s neat!!!

  2. Hi,

    Several times I applied for Affinity but they keep rejecting my site saying “We are afraid that there isn’t a good traffic and blah and blah”

    Really got irritated because of this.

    Am getting minimum of 300 unique visitors (Tracking through, the day when I applied, actually got around 600 unique visitors but still they are saying that my site doesn’t have good traffic.

    In their site requirements for Publishers, they have mentioned that they dont see any minimum traffic then what the hell they are looking for. They seem to put too much fuss.

    I even contacted the publishers support but there isn’t any reply from them. Feel like rejecting them forever.

    Please let me know whether you have any ideas on this?

    B. Charles

    1. Hi Charles,
      I can understand your problem. May I know the niche, location, page views per month and traffic sources. I’ll try to figure out.

      1. Its about food related website kind of blog roll and also about Celebrity Diet plan. Most of the views comes from America, then India, followed by United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Canada and goes like this for some around 100 countries including South American, European and Asian regions.

        Month: July
        Page Views: 13, 933
        Unique Page Views: 10,108

        Month: August
        Page Views: 13, 123
        Unique Page Views: 9,852

        Month: Sep (For this month)
        Page Views: 7,198
        Unique Page Views: 5,514

        Major Traffic Source
        Search Engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo!
        Social Media Sites: Facebook, Quora and Pinterest

        Please let me know if you need any more information?

        Please do the needful.

        1. Write to their support team with these stats. Otherwise it is better to move to other advertising program.

    1. Hi Alok,

      Affinity pays on eCPM basis (1000 Pageviews). They pay around $1 or more for US traffic and low for Asian traffic.

      Wire transfer is a type of EFT ( Electronic Fund Transfer). Amount would be transfered directly to your bank account.

      Thanks for asking mate. Keep visiting. 🙂

  3. Thanks For the amazing Post written for bloggers And specially for newbies. Thanks again.

  4. Nice Post! I am using affinity for 6 months now and they pay $0.40-$0.80 per 1000 impressions. But most of my traffic is from Asian countries.

  5. Hello Suresh,
    thanks for instroducing me to Affinity.
    I’ve never heard of it.
    Appreciate the sharing on Klinkk.

  6. Your Review helped me too much in selecting my too much confusing search. I will try affinity and will check their results. Thanks

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