How to make money with Affinity


Established in 2006, Affinity serve the needs of  web publishers around the world. It was the time when publishers were running after Google Adsense. Today Affinity is a renowned contextual advertising network similar to Adsense. Publishers are allowed to make money with affinity program. The advertising campaigns run by affinity are CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions), PPC ( Pay per click), CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (Cost per action). Affinity encourages publishers to join publisher program when their site content is clean and legitimate. Unlike other ad networks Affinity doesn’t demand minimum traffic ( Page impressions).

The different ad formats offered by Affinity are In-text, Tag cloud, In-footer, In-page and In-image. However, some formats are available in selected countries only. Most of you might have used Infolinks or Kontera In-Text ads on your site. I recommend Affinity In-text ads too. In-footer monetization is also a great way to boost your earnings. The In-footer ads on your site are either graphic or text banner. The revenue model could be CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL depending on the campaigns. You need to add code to each sub-domain if you want to show ads on them. Publishers can track their earnings on their account dashboard. Affinity simply deduct the earnings generated with click fraud activity.


In-footer advertisement


Affinity pays you via Paypal or Wire transfer on Net 45 basis. The threshold payment for Paypal is $50 and $1000 for Wire transfer. You need to submit W-8 or W-9 tax form to receive earnings.


1. It works well with other ad networks. But make sure the two ads look dissimilar in size and color.

2. Affinity offers 80% revenue share to its publishers. I haven’t seen any advertising network which has come up with so much higher revenue share.

3. eCPM is pretty high when compared to other ad networks which is really a good sign for publishers.

4. The ads shown are relevant to your content. But, some times publishers may see non-relevant ads on their sites.


1. Affinity won’t accept Non-English sites.

2. No affiliate program

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Join Affinity as a publisher

Final conclusion :

It is all about how publishers can make money with Affinity. Affinity is good if the publisher site attracts good traffic. Try it once as you have nothing to lose. If you find Affinity review helpful please do share it with your friends.

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