Build traffic and get social followers while playing

Build traffic and get social followers while playing

Any one who sees the title may surprise for a moment. The title says Build traffic and get social followers while playing. That sounds good, isn’t it? So let us jump into the topic straightaway. The program that I was talking is Empire Avenue (EA). It is a fun game meant to increase your reputation in social circles.

Empire Avenue

What is Empire Avenue and how does it work

Empire Avenue is a social networking game played to gain social following. Empire Avenue has come up with Stock market platform where people need to invest virtual currency to leverage traffic and social followers. You won’t gain real money but you can buy and sell shares with EA currency. The more you are active on social media the more would be the currency.

Empire Avenue has named the currency as Eaves. You need to connect all the social profiles like Twitter, Facebook (Profile and page), Linkedin, Google+ (Profile and Page), Flickr, Youtube, Foursquare, WordPress, Instagram and RSS feed of your blog. RSS feeds are not identified as blogs until 5 people endorse your feed. EA will add some virtual money to your account once you connect all of them successfully.

To boost EA money one need to complete missions of others. In the other words the mission could be anything from visiting a site or sharing on Google+ or liking a Facebook page. Share value increases when people starts investing on you. To get the maximum benefit try to follow more people , complete missions and invest on others. People will start recognizing you and that results in great relationships. Empire Avenue is a great resource to measure your social metrics. You may have experience with Klout to know your social importance but Empire Avenue is really fun when compared to it.

Build traffic and get social followers while playing

Examples of Mission

John is offering 1000 eaves to 10 EA users to follow him on Twitter.

Amy is offering 2000 eaves to 20 EA users to like her Facebook page.

Matt is offering 5000 eaves to 50 EA users to share his blog post on Google+ and Facebook

Steve is offering 10000 eaves to 70 EA users to open his blog post, comment and share on Facebook and Twitter

Mary is offering 3000 eaves to 30 EA users to repin the image on Pinterest.

I hope you got it. You can also impose rules to claim mission. For instance in the case of Steve, he can restrict the users to claim the mission. He can make a rule that any one who invested in him can claim the mission.

Note: To create a mission you must have a share price of 30.

Build traffic and get social followers while playing

Empire Avenue is also offering premium solutions to the users who are interested to get more Eaves. You need to buy with real money.

Build traffic and get social followers while playingBenefits

1. You have the greater chances to meet new people and build healthy relationships with them.

2. The game is really fun as you don’t need real money to play. It is free.

3. You can explore thousands of blogs and you have chance to promote your online business.


1. The game is highly addictive. I will neither encourage you nor discourage you to play this game.

2. Sometimes the claimed user gets the money without completing the assigned mission.

3. The bounce rate of your blog may increase because people may open your blog posts only to gain eaves.

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Join Empire Avenue and have fun.

This is all about Build traffic and get social followers while playing. I hope you enjoyed my post. If you like this post please do share it on your social profiles.

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    Nice & informative blog.

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