Three Things Website Owners Tend To Ignore To Their Own Detriment


Three Things Website Owners Tend To Ignore

In today’s world, owning a website, a blog or an online business is more than selling whatever products or presenting impeccable services. You need to stay in the game, gain page authority, have a powerful social network to back you up, provide good, relevant content and use safe SEO strategies that will improve your popularity and not lead you to penalizations.

If you caught the wave some five years ago and you played by the rules, you probably have now a good page rank, a fan base and a satisfactory ROI. But sometimes, too preoccupied to invest into the development of your products and services, too focused on keeping your website in the highest of ranks, you may forget five small, apparently insignificant issues that might boost not only your online visibility, but attract new customer niches.

 1. You don’t pay attention to the new social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+. These are the unbeatable masters of social media marketing and you probably know or have around people who know how to manage and run a Facebook campaign, how to post on G+, when and what to tweet. But even if you think that these already established and powerful media environments to sustain and grow your business, take an hour of your life and search for other types of newer (indeed smaller) networks that not only open a world of new potential fans and customers, but which can induce new marketing ideas.

If you’re selling clothes, maybe you should take a look on Pose. If you are an expert in a certain fields, an article on Medium might get you in touch with other specialists. If you’re out of funny, trendy, easy ideas to promote a certain product or service, make a short movie clip and post in to Viddy. These are just a few, but many are out there, each with its own specifics and who knows, maybe a new rabbit you never thought about might jump off the hat.

2. You don’t entertain enough the relationship with other guest bloggers

You may have a blog and you may provide by – the – book regular, high-quality articles which are very much appreciated by your followers. You already know what not to do to get penalized and you have chosen carefully the freelancers or the guest posting company providing you with high-quality content. But you may miss out other solid relationship builders, such as allowing others to guest post on your site. We are talking real people, with real interests and not suspicious link exchanges and partnerships that will eventually lead to your fall.

Building veritable relationships with other people wanting exposure, just like you do might lead not only to mutual benefits, but also future business partnerships. Your SEO manager should explain to you the difference between relevant keywords on relevant pages, contextual content writing and the follow / nofollow diversity, but having the opportunity to engage in other business relationships with others than your regular Facebook fans might be a good future SEO and business strategy.

3. You forgot to optimize yourself 

Some experts say that if you take a look over your bio section or your photo as business owner and realize you don’t recognize half of the information there, or the picture shows you ten years younger, then it’s time to optimize your own page. Add new pictures, update the author bio, make minor but essential changes to the design, and give it a fresher look and vibe.

Some websites, so old, so established, so popular nowadays, sometimes forget that people need new things to keep them coming back and a dusty design, obsolete information and a lack of challenge may turn your fans away.

You can get creative and add some videos, add more infographics even, update the company’s portfolio with recent awards, important results or new developments and keep your visitors engaged. Sometimes it’s just not all about the content of the articles, but the looks of it all represents also content, and even essential one.

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Suresh is author and owner of He loves to help people by teaching the ways to make money online with advertising and affiliate programs. He is also passionate about technology and love to write reviews.

4 Responses

  1. Cole Wiebe says:

    A great reminder Vurity. Building online relationships is time consuming and we all need a kick in the pants to energize us to get out there and engage.

    I always tell my client bloggers that once the post goes live, the real work begins, attracting traffic and building authority.

    Have an amazing day,


    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Cole,
      Thanks for stopping by my site. I too agree with your perspective bro. One should emphasize more on building authority. Have a great day.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    I read this post with lots of great interest but happily, I’m not doing such mistakes as a blogger.

    • Suresh vurity says:

      Hi Emmanuel,
      Thanks for stopping by my site. It is nice to hear from you. I wish you great success.


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