Is Clickbank really dead-Serious Review


Is Clickbank dead? The answer is simply no. Clickbank is one of the oldest and trusted affiliate marketing platforms in the world. Clickbank has paid billions of dollars as commissions to its affiliates and believe me it is still paying. However the promotional strategies differ a lot now from its inception days.

Clickbank is a digital products marketplace where affiliates get paid when a potential customer buys from the referral link. The other way to make money is selling your own product. For instance you have created a 30 hours web development training video. You can really sell it by joining as a Clickbank vendor. There is nothing much to do from your side. Affiliates would do the work for commission. So there are two ways to get benefited with Clickbank.

Being an affiliate you can promote any number of products and earn up to 75% commission on each sale. This strategy made it very successful and affiliates still prefer Clickbank to others. The biggest advantage is affiliates don’t need to have a website to get started. Being an affiliate you can mail to the targeted customers and share referral links with your contacts on social profiles. But, don’t spam the links everywhere.

It is strongly advisable to figure out the real users who are really interested in your products that you are going to promote. Make a list of them and send them a review copy of the product. If you own a website try to promote a product which is relevant to your niche. But, if you don’t know how to drive traffic to your website then it is an utter waste of time. Trust and reputation are the two undeniable factors which influences customers minds to try recommended products.

People just hate promotional links and they may feel annoyed. So being an affiliate you need to research the product well before promoting. People would love to read reviews before trying any product. Write a precise and unbiased description in your own words and place the affiliate link in the bottom.One should keep in mind that compelling people to buy products is a bad practice.

You could find tens of thousands of products and it’s literally impossible to try each one. If you are damn serious about one product try it before referring to others. The biggest advantage is there are no shipping or handling charges as the medium is email.

Clickbank issues checks on biweekly basis to its affiliates once they reach the threshold amount ($10). However you can set your own threshold payout. Affiliates can also be eligible to receive earnings via direct deposit if they abide by Clickbank rules.

On the other side one can’t rule out contrary viewpoints. There are tons of junk e-books available on it. Being an affiliate beware of them as you need to take care of refund policy. Research well and choose the right product to promote. You could find thousands of squeeze pages promoting clickbank digital products. But being an affiliate marketer make sure that your landing page complies with Google Algorithms. Another drawback is if the customer requests the refund, the affiliate commission gets deducted. I think it’s very bad, isn’t it?

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I strongly recommend you to watch free affiliate marketing video lessons before getting started. I hope you enjoyed my article and do leave your comments. Please share your experiences with Clickbank if you have any.

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