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Justretweet Review

Justretweet is about retweeting your blog posts to get more exposure. It is not confined to Twitter itself but also you can like the link on Facebook and +1 on Google+. So what does that mean? Your content gets more exposure on social media which in turn generate traffic from genuine people and even more Twitter followers. Search engines love the popular content exposed on social media. In the other words popular content means mostly shared, liked and retweeted by real people.

Just retweet

Features of Justretweet

Signing up is free and you get 100 credits once you login with your twitter account for the first time. You earn credits when you share other’s content on social media i.e. retweet (Twitter), like (Facebook) and +1 (Google+). Later you can spend those credits for sharing your content with others. You can also earn credits by following Twitter users listed on Justretweet.

How Justretweet works

People need to assign credits to share their content and can specify how many times it has to show. Justretweet provides the facility to choose the desired platform among  Twitter, Google+ and Facebook or select all. For instance if you want to spend 1000 credits you can assign 50 credits to promote for 20 times. Selecting the right category helps to target the right people. When you submit the link for the first time Justretweet team will manually review the content and disapproves it if found offensive to them. The status would be set to Moderated unless it gets approved.

When it comes to account settings you can set the time interval to publish tweets. You can assign the credits from 1-10 to follow you on Twitter. Justretweet has come up with the new feature to block users. Sometimes users don’t want to see specific people’s content. You can find the block setting feature on settings page.

Who are not eligible to participate in this program

1. People who promote spammy or marketing content

2. People who promote parked web pages or single pages.

3. People who promote sites meant for advertisements and affiliate links.

4. People who promote low quality and irrelevant posts.

Note: People must check the category before getting started.

Why one must use Justretweet

1. There are no hassles while signing up Justretweet and the process is very user-friendly.

2. Your content will get noticed by real people who in turn boost your website rankings.

3. You can comment on other bloggers posts to get backlinks and traffic.

4. You can get true followers on Twitter and there are greater chances to maintain healthy relationships with bloggers.

5. Justretweet assures that all the content posted by fellow bloggers are safe.

6. Justretweet encourages its members with their affiliate program.

7. You can bump the promoted tweet for 100 credits. The credits would be deducted from your account.


The only disadvantage I can see is that only 3 tweets would be allowed in 24 hours. Great blogs with daily frequency more than 3 blog posts may not utilize this service to the fullest. But, I don’t take it as a serious issue as one can take advantage of great features.

Buy credits and be a Featured user

Justretweet is offering users to buy credits to get more exposure.  The one who buys VIP package has the special priority over other members. The tweets and the member profile would be shown as featured. Apart from it you are eligible to receive Blog engage standard subscription for free.

Justretweet VIP Package

Affiliate Program

Justretweet offers affiliate program for all its members irrespective of featured or non featured. Members can earn 30% commission on all packages. You will get paid on Net 30 (30 days) basis via Paypal. The minimum payout is $25.  You don’t need website to get started. Promoting in online marketing forums and social media may help affiliates in the long run.

Tips to get leverage

1. Make sure all the posts are worth reading before sharing with your followers.

2. Don’t forget to comment on the others posts.  It is a good way to maintain relationship with other bloggers.

3. Make sure that you post useful and high quality content otherwise people will not bother to share your links in future.

Go to www.justretweet.com to get started

I hope this post helps you to get traffic for your blog or website. Comments are very much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Justretweet review : Get Traffic To Sites

  1. Very informative blog post about Justretweet. I have just started using Justretweet not too long ago and I am really liking the results I am getting so far. It’s a tool I would highly recommend using. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

    1. Hi Maketta,
      Thanks for stopping by my post. It is nice to hear that you are doing good with Justretweet. I wish you a great success. 🙂

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