Top 6 blogging communities to promote and increase traffic

Top 6 blogging communities to promote and increase traffic

Every blogger’s dream is to get decent traffic to his/her blog. As every blogger knows the mantra ‘The more the traffic, the more the income.” It is our innocence if we simply write an article and wait for the traffic. Optimizing the article to rank well on search engines is the first thing to do. Secondly the article must had promoted on various social media channels and blogging communities so well to attract engagement. I assume that bloggers are well-known with sharing on different social channels.

There are few premium blogging communities where bloggers have access to great features. But, this article mainly focuses on free blogging communities to promote your content. So here are the Top 6 blogging communities where one could promote their content and get massive traffic to their blogs.


Triberr is an active blogging community site where influential bloggers share their engaging content. You may also be interested to read Triberr review.

Join Triberr and start sharing your content

2. BizSugar

BizSugar is a content sharing site for many bloggers and entrepreneurs. One has to join this network to learn great things. Apart from blog posts you could also share podcasts, videos and many more. The only drawback is admin manually check every submitted article.

Join BizSugar and start sharing your content

3. Kingged

Kingged is an Internet marketing site where bloggers can share their content and engage with other community members. They also offer rewards program for their members. For instance you may get rewarded for getting maximum shares or drawing more attention to your blog posts.

Please watch this video about Kingged rewards program

Join Kingged and start sharing content

4. DoSplash

DoSplash is a great platform for bloggers to share content. I attract decent traffic from DoSplash on daily basis. This is one of my favourite destination to share my content. Many premium publishers use this community site to attract traffic and build connections. Jane Sheeba is the founder of DoSplash.

Join DoSplash and start sharing content

5. Klinkk

Klinkk is the brainchild of Erik Emanuelli and it is a great place for bloggers to share their content. Many like-minded bloggers comment and share each other posts. My site receives adequate traffic from Klinkk. The best thing is your site would also get backlink for sure.

Join Klinkk blogging community today

6. Justretweet

Justretweet is a community site used for sharing your blog post on FB, retweeting, G+ing etc. You might be interested to know how Justretweet works. Your blog posts get shared and eventually you will receive traffic.

Join Justretweet and start retweeting

Note : All these top 6 blogging communities are absolutely free and bloggers must take maximum advantage of them.

Advantages of blogging communities

  • Bloggers can attract massive traffic to their blog.
  • When your blog posts receive high attention automatically the search engine rankings will boost.
  • Being an active blogger you could also connect with fellow bloggers via different blogging communities. The top 6 blogging communities listed above will help you to connect with wonderful people.
  • Your social profiles will attract huge audience.
  • These blogging communities also help your blog to improve Alexa rank, DA etc.

Many top probloggers are active in blogging communities.

You may also be interested to know about Top 5 successful and inspiring probloggers

So newbies and bloggers must try these top 6 blogging communities to share their content and increase traffic to their blogs. Bloggers who have joined these communities can share their experiences in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Top 6 blogging communities to promote and increase traffic

  1. Hi Suresh,
    I was only using Bizsugar and the rest of the communities are new to me. So, I will give others a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi RObin,

      I wish you great success with all the 6 blogging communities. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. For serious bloggers, Blogging communities are like education learn new things from the professionals. I just came through klinkk is one of my best and regular visitor. Thanks for sharing your knowledge mate and it is really helpful for the many new bloggers.

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