5advertise review – CPM advertising network

5advertise review

5advertise is an online advertising network founded in year 2011. The revenue model of 5advertise is CPM as well as CPC. According to them the global reach of their ads is 62+ million unique users. This is huge, Isn’t it? The best thing is publishers get benefited from every impression generated from any part of the world. They accept publishers worldwide. 5advertise ensure to deliver worthy ads with best prices.

Requirements to join 5advertise advertising network

  • The publishers sites must attract 5000 unique visitors daily to join 5advertise network.
  • The sites must not host any objectionable content like adult or hacking.
  • 5advertise approves sites where content has a public acceptance.
  • Sites having great content and user-friendly web design are more likely to get approved.

How does 5advertise work for publishers

5advertise review every publisher’s application and generally it takes 1 day to complete the process. Being a 5advertise publisher you need to add a code to show ads. 5advertise covers all categories from entertainment to technology.


  • Publishers must not encourage others to click ads. 5advertise straightaway bans such publishers.
  • Publishers must not indulge in any activities to gain fake hits. For instance publishers must not place ads near to buttons and links. It’s illegal to force visitors to click ads.

Ad format

5advertise offers following ad formats :

  1. Graphical banners (728×90, 160×600, 300×250 sizes)
  2. Text banners (728×90, 468×60, 234×60, 300×250 and 250×250 sizes)
  3. Pop up and Pop under
  4. Full page ads
  5. Page peel ads


5advertise pays its publishers on Net30 basis. The payment options are PayPal, Western Union, MoneyBookers and check. Publishers must reach the threshold payout $100 to receive earnings.

Best features of 5advertise advertising network

  • Installation is damn easy
  • After approval every publisher will get $20 sign-up bonus.
  • eCPM and CTR rates are competitive.
  • High quality ads
  • 5advertise pays 90% revenue share to its publishers. Adsense publishers get 68% revenue share from Google.
  • Publishers can filter ads according to their preferences. They can even restrict certain advertisers.
  • Geo-targeting option
  • Multi ad formats
  • 5advertise Ads are responsive
  • Blogger blogs can also be approved if they satisfy minimum traffic condition and comply with 5advertise policies.
  • Support team are very helpful

Cons of 5advertise advertising network

  • It’s difficult for small bloggers to reach 5000 unique visitors per day.
  • High threshold payout ($100)
  • No referral program

Final conclusion of 5advertise advertising network

Sites having huge traffic with any niche can monetize their content with 5advertising program. Hope this 5advertise review helps publishers to get started.

Join 5advertise and start making money

5 thoughts on “5advertise review – CPM advertising network

  1. Hi Suresh,

    I think this network is closed. I applied sometime ago but I didn’t get response. I think its totally failed network.

    1. Hi bro,

      Your site must attract 5000 unique visitors daily and the content must be legitimate. Once you satisfy these rules they will accept you. Hope it helps.

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