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  1. Here’s my situation with cpmly

    Before i started with them i contacted the admin and ask them if he’s serious and if he’s gonna pay ? because i saw that many people have not been paid after reaching 50$ and most of them say that it is a scam.
    I showed him my websites and he saw by himself the quality of my traffic
    he answered back with:

    Ok looks great, the posts you mentioned are from fraudsters who send us fake traffic and get banned by our fraud detection system.

    Let me know once you have implemented our ads again and I will send your payment once you reach $50.

    Best regards,

    Account Manager

    I started with him and i have been so patient with the bad quality of the their ads and many redirection and popups i reached 50$ and i asked for payment at the beginning it was pending for one week then i checked for a whole Month, now it’s supposed to be paid in 30/05/2017 and still no payment even if he said he will pay once i reach 50$

    My review is stay away from cpmly because its a scam and more than that their ads aren’t controlled and you will lose your visitors for no payment.

    1. Sad to hear about your bad experience with them. Did you try to contact them again? I hope this message will reach CPMly team.

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