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Adengage advertising network is serving publishers since 2004. According to them they have delivered over 1.2 trillion ads globally till date.  Adengage publishers have access to both CPC and CPM ads. There are three options available for the publishers in the sign up page. One has to rate their site according to the age factor. The 3 priorities are teen, adult and everyone. It’s easy for Adengage advertisers to deliver best ads based on site content. This is a perfect innovative strategy. Adengage review every application before approving any publisher.

The requirements for joining as an Adengage publisher are as follows:

  1. Adengage won’t allow auto generated content sites. The sites having unique and original content are eligible to apply.
  2. Adengage love frequently updated sites. For instance sites with thin and outdated content should stay away from this ad network.
  3. Adengage is particular about traffic. The chances of getting approval for low traffic sites are very less. For instance creating a website or blog is not enough to apply for publisher program. Writing great content somehow helps in getting adequate traffic.
  4. Sites having lesser or equal to 1000k alexa rank are more preferred to join this ad network.
  5. Adengage will certainly reject incomplete, under construction, redirected and clumsy sites.
  6. The publishers sites shouldn’t engage in paid to click and autosurf programs.

Ad formats

Adengage publishers have access to banners, popups, direct links and mobile redirects. Publishers could get benefited by using multiple ad formats.

Advantages of Adengage publisher network

  • Adengage encourages publishers from all parts of the world.
  • Adengage ads are responsive in nature i.e. they show well on all gadgets.
  • Excellent technical support from Engage team.
  • Realtime reporting system. Publishers could track their results instantly.
  • Adengage publishers could have full control on ads. They can customize the inventory according to their preferences. For instance publishers can restrict certain niches and sites on their dashboards.
  • Adengage assures publishers to have 100% fill rate on their sites.
  • Adengage publishers could boost their earnings with the referral program.
  • Adengage always try to serve high quality advertisements.
  • Adengage always pay publishers on time.
  • Adult publishers could monetize their sites with Adengage.


  • Adengage won’t accept non-English sites.


Adengage pays its publishers on Net 30 basis. The different modes of payment are PayPal, Adengage account credit, Paxum, Moneybookers, check and wire transfer. Among these modes Adengage credit fund could be  used to buy ads and drive traffic to your website.

The minimum Payout for different options are as follows:

PayPal- $50

Wire Transfer- $1000

Adengage account credit- $20

Check- $50 for US publishers and $250 for international publishers.

Moneybookers/Paxum – $50

Final conclusion of Adengage advertising network

Adengage can be one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense. Hope this Adengage review helps newbies to get started. Sites having good organic traffic can try Adengage.

This Network Is Closed Now

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