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Adprimary review

Adprimary is an online ad network headquartered at Vietnam. The advertising models of Adprimary ads are CPM, CPC, CPV  and CPA models. Adprimary offers 4 types of formats namely pop-up, banner, slider and layer ad. Among all these pop-ups fetch you more earnings. Every format has different sizes of the ads to fit in the spaces. The good thing is that Adprimary accepts all languages in the world. Adprimary always ensures to see the fill rate as 100%. Adprimary reviews every site before approving it.

adprimary review

Requirements to join Adprimary ad network

  1. They don’t accept newly launched sites. The publisher sites should have at least 1 month old to join.
  2. They don’t accept blogs hosted on free blogging platforms like blogger and Make sure that you have custom domain.
  3. Adprimary doesn’t allow sites with duplicate content. Make sure that everything is unique.
  4. Adprimary doesn’t accept sites indulged in hosting objectionable content. Publishers must make the site clean.
  5. Adprimary is against to any spam, hatred, warez, virus and malware. Publishers must not host these types of content.
  6. Publishers must not encourage others to click on the ads. Adprimary removes the account if found guilty.

Advantages of Adprimary ad network

  • High eCPM rates for the US and Canada traffic.
  • No traffic restrictions
  • Reporting system
  • Low threshold payout
  • Adprimary always pays its publishers on time.
  • Adprimary publishers could boost their earnings with the affiliate program.
  • Publishers could use Adprimary ads along with other networks like and Taboola.

Disadvantages of Adprimary ad network

  • Publisher site having high traffic from non-European countries may experience less eCPM and CPC rates.
  • Unlike other advertising networks Adprimary doesn’t count all the impressions of the ad units that exists on the same page. It takes only unique impression of the particular ad unit.
  • No auto approval of publisher sites.


Adprimary pays its publishers via PayPal on Net 7 basis. The minimum payment publishers could receive is $5.

Final Conclusion of Adprimary ads

Adprimary is good for medium traffic sites and it works well for US and Canada traffic. Sites having great content and adequate traffic must try Adprimary. Hope this Adprimary review help webmasters to get started.

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