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  1. I have been working with Heartbid for about four months. I can say that they have good ratings and a responsive support. The only negative I can say is net 30.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with Heartbid.

  2. Hello! I just recently joined this affiliate program. I like the quality of the managers and my pop feeds are making me really good money.

    1. Thank you for sharing your working experience with Heartbid.

  3. We have been working with this affiliate program for a long time and we can say that this is the most stable network with which we have worked. A large number of advertising offers, mainstream and adult, WW geo.

  4. Leon Barton says:

    We work with pop and native feeds. Good results this week. We started testing traffic with this affiliate program 2 weeks ago, so far everything is fine.

  5. At some point in time there were delays in payments. At this time they send all payments on time. Good platform to sell Pop traffic via XML/oRTB

  6. Kaliastar says:

    We have been working with this company for a long time. They always pay.

  7. I started sending traffic without transferring the source link, but there was no ransom. My manager Rachel and I set up the transfer of the referrer in the request and the buying of my traffic became consistently high.

  8. We see that over the past month, the buying of our traffic has decreased. We hope that the ransom will be returned.

  9. Olly Wolly says:

    Always pay out
    Detailed statistics analysis
    API integration
    The support provides all the connection documentation and helps to optimize requests
    They buy pop traffic well

    Payments sometimes delayed
    Buying is not always stable

  10. Chilovertad says:

    At first, the bidding was small, but over time it increased and now we have a good profit from pop feeds

  11. HolyMedia says:

    We have been working with this team for a couple of years. Trusted network

  12. RTBsenior says:

    We receive payments consistently, thanks to this team

  13. Stable payouts and good coverage for pop mainstream traffic

  14. RTBpartner says:

    I ve been working with them 3 years and they are great team.
    Good rates and bids. Payments are always on time

  15. They always pay on time

  16. Everet Rose says:

    I work with them like DSP. Good traffic and many filters to get only high-quality users

  17. Reliable SSP/DSP partner

  18. We sell them pop Mainstream and adult traffic from 2020. Good affiliate program, you can trust

  19. RTB senior says:

    They work well with MS/Adult pop traffic
    Support responds quickly
    Stable payments

    Demand only on pop traffic, so far insufficient demand on push and native

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