Logads review : pop-under advertising network

Logads reviewlogads reviewEvery one knows that display advertising is a great source of income for webmasters. Among all options pop-up or pop-under advertising is a profitable model for publishers. Logads is a pop under network one has to certainly try. This ad network is not for the publishers alone, even advertisers have great offers.

Logads review sites before allowing publishers to monetize traffic.

How to join Logads Pop-under advertising network as a publisher

  • There are no specific requirements to join this ad network. Any one can join as a publisher as long as the content is legitimate.
  • All niches would get accepted by Logads ad network.

Best features of Logads Pop-under advertising network

  • Publishers have access to wider range of categories like arts, sports, games, technology and many more.
  • 100% fill rate : Publishers won’t get disappointed with the filling at any point of time.
  • Global coverage : Publishers could get benefited with worldwide response as every impression counts.
  • High quality ad inventory : Logads have good league of potential advertisers. So, every time one could encounter best pop-under ads.
  • Best prices : Logads always try to deliver outstanding ads with high prices.
  • Timely payment : Logads always pays its publishers on time. Publishers are eligible to receive earnings weekly.
  • Great customer support : Logads team will help you 24/7 whatever info one needs.

Logads Advertising

One must advertise with Logads to get high quality traffic. All the campaigns are Geo-targeted and consequently advertisers will always gain. Even the prices are very competitive. Being an advertiser you get 100% support from campaign manager whenever you need it. The support includes tips, traffic optimization, campaign updates and many more. Join Logads as an advertiser to get maximum benefits.

Final Conclusion of Logads advertising network

Logads is a great network for both publishers and advertisers. It’s a highly recommended pop-under advertising network. Sites with great content and decent traffic will benefit more with Logads ad network. Hope this Logads review help webmasters and bloggers to get started.

Join Logads pop-under advertising network as a publisher as well as an advertiser.

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