DaoPush Review : Earn Decent Cash From Push Notifications


I am going to talk about the DaoPush in this post. Before that, let me talk about few things. Many of us have seen the push notifications on the websites, where you were asked to allow or block the updates. The updates are nothing but the notifications about the new post. Once you allow them, you will get the notification whenever they publish a new post. Do you know that it helps the site owner for attracting decent traffic? The site owner can make money out of it too.

There are many ad networks that are focussing on the push notifications. Recently the Propeller ads have launched their own push notifications network. If you haven’t joined or known yet, then this is the link. Few days back I published a review article too. Please have a look and get started.

Coming back to the DaoPush, you can make money from the push notifications traffic. The DaoPush is the product from the TerraLeads.

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How Does The DaoPush Work?

When someone subscribes to your site, they will get the notifications of new posts as well as ad posts. The ads will be sent by the DaoPush network. So, the more subscribers you have for your website, the more revenue you can earn with DaoPush. You must focus more on the content. If your website has a high quality content, then you will receive the decent traffic. Thereby the people will naturally subscribe to your website. One must remember that this network will not accept the objectionable sites.

But, on the other hand they are also offering the adult ads. If you are having an adult site, then these ads help you to boost the revenues. The others can choose the non-adult ads.

How Can You Join The DaoPush?

Go to this page, fill all the fields and submit. You will get instant access to the dashboard. There you need to add your website and verify it by adding the verification file or meta tag. Once your website gets verified, then you can start monetizing. If your site attracts huge traffic, then you can set the CPA revenue model. Generally, they will pay you via the revenue share model.

Who can Join The DaoPush?

This network is open for the following :

  • Site owners
  • Browser extension owners
  • Owners of popunder networks
  • Media buyers

How Can You Get Paid?

You must reach at least $10 for receiving the earnings. The payment frequency is weekly. The payment options are Webmoney, PayPal and epayments.

Do They Have The Referral Program?

You can earn the extra money from their referral program. The rate of the commission is 5%.

What Are The Best Features Of The DaoPush?

  • This network works with all geos and large traffic volumes, irrespective of the landing theme.
  • You can use other ad networks along with this network.
  • The revenue share is comparatively high.
  • When it comes to the CPM, it is highly competitive.
  • The rates are high when you allow adult ads.
  • There is no limit for earning the profits.
  • It works for both http and https sites.
  • You can expect the best benefits when your site attracts huge traffic and subscribers.
  • This network works with the top publishers and advertisers.
  • You will receive the payments on request. The threshold payout is very low.

How Can You Reach Their Support Team?

If you have any queries, then feel free to reach them at admin@daopush.com.

What Is The Final Conclusion?

One must join the DaoPush ad network for earning the decent cash. This network is ideal for the advertisers too. If you had worked with the DaoPush, then please share your experiences. Hope this review help the people for getting started.

Give a try to the DaoPush ad network !!!

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