TerraLeads Review : A World First CPA HUB For Affiliate Marketers

CPA marketing is still one of the best monetization strategies for webmasters and affiliate marketers. There is no doubt about it. As long as you attract an engaging audience by your informative content, CPA marketing is a win-win situation.

Today, I am going to introduce TerraLeads, World’s first CPA hub. Why I’m saying it as a Hub, You will know after reading this detailed review.

What is TerraLeads?

TerraLeads is a CPA affiliate network that lists offers from reputed brands and even their inhouse offers. The registered affiliates get paid when someone purchase a product or service from promoted link. The affiliates can track their performance and commissions on TerraLeads dashboard.

The webmasters can use websites or blogs to promote offers. Even non-webmasters can promote through social media, search and own campaigns.

Why do we call TerraLeads as a Hub?

We call TerraLeads as a hub because it consists of the following 3 elements :

  1. Merchant : They are those who create offers of their own production. For your information, Merchant products passes all the clinical tests as per the European standards.
  2. Publisher : They have their own arbitrage team, who are responsible for creating educational & promotional material for their partners. This helps publishers to make money easily.
  3. Network : TerraLeads trying to make their system transparent and safe place for all affiliate marketers. They only working with those who have some past experience in Affiliate marketing.

How to get started with TerraLeads?

The registration process starts with two simple steps.

  1. You need to enter your proper email id and account password
  2. In next step, need to mention your name and Skype id

To be clear, TerraLeads account registration is only based on Invitation.

As soon you finish the registration, your details goes under verification and someone from their team will revert back you via Skype or Email. You have to shares about yourself and your experience in affiliate marketing. Being a partner you need to clarify few things like targeting, traffic and promotional strategies. Once you convince them your affiliate account gets activated.

Once you login with your credentials you will encounter a user-friendly interface. You can track your all successful leads, cancel leads and the trending offers on the same page.

TerraLeads Dashboard

From the left menu, You can can directly access leads, streams, offers, news, statistics, Terra store, Webmaster API and support ticket options. But if you want to see the offers then click on the main > Offer. You will see the below interface.

Terraleads Offers

If you want to know the geos, chances of approval, cost, payments and T-coins of a product then you need to press “show all” option. For instance if you choose the first offer “Fizzy Slim” for creating stream, you can do it with a single button. Streams are mainly beneficial as you don’t need to create landing pages on own. Once you fill the fields the landing page will be ready targeting users.

API is a tool for advanced developers or webmasters. To generate API, you can either select “Webmaster API” from the left menu or in the same row of the product offers.

Webmaster API Terraleads

You must read this API documentation guide for reference.

How To Make Money with TerraLeads T-Coins rewards program?

TerraLeads is also offering lucrative opportunity for partners to make extra income with T-Coins rewards program. T-Coins is the bonus given to the partners in the form of points. Once you sell any product TerraLeads will automatically credit you some T-Coins. The more sales you make, the more T-coins you can make.  You can redeem T-coins in the form of wide range of products from gadgets to luxurious cars. Here you see the showcase,

TerraLeads Showcase

To see your T-coins balance straightaway go to Balance(T-coin) under user menu.

Payment Details

The affiliates get paid on daily basis. The minimum payout is $50. The payment options are PayPal, Webmoney and Wire transfer.

Why Should You Join TerraLeads?

  • High approval rate: Being a partner you don’t need to wait for longer times for the approval.
  • Quick lead system : Being a partner once you fill out the form, you will get contacted by their call centre for the order approval. As soon as they approve, you get paid.
  • Landing/pre-landing pages pass UI/UX validation before handing over to our partners.
  • High conversion rate. Leveraging cutting-edge UI/UX technologies and CTA features. A/B split marketing and a constant metrics analysis.
  • Top payouts in Europe : The commissions are comparatively high for European conversions.
  • Instant payouts upon request : Being a partner you don’t need to wait for days and months for payment. The payment will get processed immediately after receiving the request.
  • User-friendly and easy system interface : Everything is in the order on the user interface.
  • The partners have possibility to co-operate with sales department when developing creatives for ROI increase.
  • Rewards : TerraStore is offering a special system of bonuses (t-coins) that one earns with every approved lead. T-coins are then exchanged for presents like power banks, iPhones, Apple watches, segways, and many more.
  • Dedicated support : The account managers are always ready to help their partners anytime.


Final Conclusion

TerraLeads is mostly offering diet, beauty, health and adults products now. More categories are yet to come in future. This network is offering huge commissions for its partners. Apart from it the rewards program is simply great. So, if you looking to scale your affiliate marketing with high revenue then you must opt this world’s first CPA hub.

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