DatsPush Review : Push Notifications Advertising Network

DatsPush is a push notifications ad network owned by Leadbit. These days Push notifications is helping businesses and websites to keep audience or customers engaging. Whenever a new product is launched, the subscriber would instantly get notification. However, it is not confined to products or services. It might be a blog post or an announcement. So, DatsPush works on push notifications advertising model. Like any other ad network, the advertisers runs CPA campaigns and publishers make money from their websites by placing ads. The revenue models of DatsPush network are CPA and Revshare. What does it mean really? When someone clicks on the ad and takes action, the publisher will get revenue share from DatsPush. The revenue purely depends on the ad campaign. At the same time, the advertisers can expect the fair ROI. So, it is a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers.

How To Join DatsPush Network?

Datspush signup

For Advertisers >>>> Go to DatsPush push notifications advertisers signup page and register yourself.

For Publishers >>>> Go to DatsPush push notifications publishers signup page , fill the application and submit.

What Are The Ad Formats?

Datspush formats

The ad formats of DatsPush are as follows :

  • Mobile push (Mobile devices)
  • Web push (Desktop computers)
  • Rich push (Big images)

What Are The Targeting Options For Advertisers?

Datspush targeting

The advertisers can run campaigns using the following targeting options :

  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Device type (Web or Mobile)
  • Set of IP addresses
  • Source
  • Target audience

What Are The Advantages Of DatsPush Push Notifications Network For Publishers?

  • Easy to start
  • Global presence : DatsPush accepts all geos.
  • High CTR
  • Best rates
  • Decent revenue share
  • Benefits for top publishers
  • Fast and timely payouts
  • Real time stats

What Are The Advantages Of DatsPush Push Notifications Network For Advertisers?

  • CPC model
  • Low bids
  • Significant volume
  • Best targeting options
  • Bonus for the first deposit
  • Secure payment options
  • Dedicated support through Skype and Telegram

Contact Info :

If you had anything to ask the DatsPush support team, then reach them at [email protected].

Address : SHALDON BUSINESS INVESTMENTS LLP Suite 1, 5 Percy street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DG, United Kingdom.

Skype : live:datspushweb

Telegram : datspush

Final Conclusion :

DatsPush self serve push notifications platform is ideal for publishers and advertisers. The publishers can earn up to 75% of click price. However, the revenue depends on the traffic volume and geos. If you had worked with DatsPush push notifications ad network, then please share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this DatsPush review help people to get started.

Join DatsPush Push Notifications Network !!!

One thought on “DatsPush Review : Push Notifications Advertising Network

  1. It’s a good network with a nice traffic tracker and a fat subscribers base. The minimal deposit is 50 bucks but I recommend to have at least 100$ for a good traffic flow. First you need to get OK with the bidding system but than you will enjoy it. I’m still testing my hypotheses with its push traffic but I can already recommend to use datspush. Worth to try!

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