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  1. was using as I read many reviews about them that they are good and provide good rates and reading that I got to try it. and guess what they tricked me and didn’t paid my first payment which is 55$. Those who don’t know their minimum payment are 50$. its been for 2 months my payment is on hold and tried with support manager and she doesn’t reply no matter what you write also tried with other managers and them said there’s nothing they can do all the data of mine is with the respective manager. I’m like what? they can’t do anything as its there company or whatever. today I’m messaging them on daily basis to get the payment and no one replies …so I want to aware you all not to use …they’ll take your money. wanted to mention account manager name ie anna, max (these people works with sapphirum and provide support but cant provide payments )

  2. They don’t answer me either 🙁 I’ve been trying for a week but still don’t pay me, when they’ve paid me I’ll let you know by commenting here.

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