Popvertising review : Pop under advertising network

Popvertising is a pop-under advertising network. It started in 2015 and it’s serving advertisers and publishers worldwide. The revenue model of this ad network is CPM. It accepts all types of sites including adult. It’s a best alternative of Popads network. Popvertising review every site before approving it. It takes maximum 24 hours to complete the review process. Publishers will get mail once their sites get approved.

Requirements for publishers to join Popvertising pop-under advertising network

  • There are no traffic restrictions. This is probably a good news for small publishers.
  • The site must not contain any copyrighted content.
  • It will accept sites which are very much operational. Under-construction or incomplete sites would not get approval.
  • It won’t accept thin content like 1 page affiliate or dooraway pages.
  • The sites made for advertising purpose are not allowed to join this pop-under network.
  • The sites must not host any illegitimate content like hacking, viruses, software piracy, child pornography etc.


  • Publishers must not try to alter Javascript ad code.
  • Publishers must not incentivize or encourage others to click ads.
  • Publishers must not use bots or software to generate fake traffic.
  • Publishers must not send any traffic from any third-party source.


Publishers get paid on net 7 basis. The threshold payout is $5. The payment options are PayPal, Paxum and wire transfer.

Pros of Popvertising pop-under advertising network

  • Genuine advertising network
  • No traffic requirements
  • Easy signup process
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Real time reporting stats
  • 5% lifetime commission from referral program
  • Compatible with other networks like Media.net and Propeller ads
  • Timely payments
  • Good customer support

Cons of Popvertising pop-under advertising network

  • Some visitors may find Pop-under ads annoying. So these ads may harm your genuine traffic in the long run.

Referral program

Publishers make 5% of money spent when they refer advertisers and 5% of the referred publisher’s earning.

Final Conclusion :

Popvertising network works well for sites having decent traffic. Publishers must try their advertising too. Many people have benefited with this pop-under ad network. Hope this Popvertising review helps publishers to get started.

This network is closed now

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