RhythmOne review : digital advertising network

RhythmOne review

RhythmOne is one of the best online advertising networks in the world. It acquired Burst Media advertising network in 2015. The company has it’s headquarters in  San Francisco and it has 5 branches stretched across the country. This network is working with reputable advertisers, potential publishers and content partners. The revenue model of this network is CPM. Many web publishers and mobile app developers worldwide are monetizing with RhythmOne.

RhythmOne review sites prior to approval.

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Requirements to join RhythmOne advertising network as a publisher

  • The site must attract 5,000 visitors or 25,000 page impressions per month.
  • Under construction and incomplete sites cannot join this network.
  • Fresh & updated content wins the race here.
  • The content should had written in English.
  • The site must have privacy policy page.
  • The site must had hosted on self hosting platform.
  • The site must not host any illegitimate content like pornography, hacking, gambling etc.
  • The site must not had made for advertising.
  • Thin & plagiarized content obviously get rejected.
  • 1 page affiliate pages and auto generated content sites get rejected.


  • Don’t use any software or bots to manipulate traffic and ads.
  • Generating fake traffic from different sources is a serious offense.
  • Don’t click on your own ads or encourage others to do.

Your account would get terminated by RhythmOne if found guilty.

Ad formats

Publishers have access to multi advertising formats for desktop and mobile. All the creatives are quite engaging. The different types of formats include :

  1. Video ads
  2. Rich media ads
  3. Distributed content
  4. Content creation services (Sponsorships)


RhythmOne publishers get paid on Net 60 basis via E-payment. The threshold payout is $50.

Pros of RhythmOne advertising network

  • Reputed and genuine network
  • High quality, appealing and engaging inventory
  • Higher CPM rates
  • 100% fill rate
  • Publishers have full control on ads.
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Responsive ads
  • Timely payments

Cons of RhythmOne advertising network

  • Small publishers or bloggers can’t join this network due to traffic restrictions.
  • Payment terms
  • If payment doesn’t reach $50 in 6 months you may lose your earnings as well as account.
  • Inactive accounts having less than $5 earning will get terminated.
  • This ad network doesn’t approve non-English sites.
  • Sites hosted on free hosting platforms like blogger or tumblr are ineligible.
  • It is very difficult for small or medium-sized publishers to follow all rules.
  • No referral program

Final Conclusion :

RhythmOne works well for high quality sites or mobile apps having decent US traffic. The more traffic you attract to your site, the more revenue you get. Hope this Rhythm review help publishers to get started.

Join this CPM advertising network if you’re a Mobile web publisher/developer/app developer or a web publisher

2 thoughts on “RhythmOne review : digital advertising network

  1. Hi friends, I am using sisterads for last 3 months and I got its average cpm rate is $10. I suggested many bloggers and they told me sometimes its cpm is $20 if your traffic come from US and Canada and also weekly payment I am very happy with this ad network here is its url http://sisterads.com

  2. Our web site uses RhythmOne ads. It has 4 RhythmOne ads, with 2 at the very bottom, if you want to see what their ads look like. The quality of the ads depends on the cookies you have in your browser (i.e. where you’ve been before).

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