Matomy media display review : digital advertising network

Matomy media display review

Matomy media is one of the best digital advertising networks in the world. This ad network is headquartered in Israel but has branches in UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Spain and Germany. It is serving thousands of advertisers and publishers globally. The group has partnered with top brands to deliver best ad inventory to the publishers.

Apart from display advertising Matomy media group has mobile, video, incentivized, E-mail and domain parking monetization programs for publishers. Publishers depending on their requirements choose these advertising options. Matomy media group is very popular for its CPA network. Here we talk about Matomy media display advertising.

Matomy media display
Image credit : Matomy Media

Matomy media is strict when it comes to approving the sites. It’ll review sites thoroughly before approval. The revenue model of this network is CPM.

Requirements to join Matomy Media display network

  • The site shouldn’t have made for showing advertisements and making money. The content matters. Adding value to the readers is more important.
  • This ad network rejects under-construction and slow loading sites. Make sure that your site is very much functional.
  • Publishers must not work with Matomy’s partners during the first 3 months.
  • The site content must not contain any copyrighted material.
  • The site must not host any objectionable content like pornography, software piracy, viruses, hacking, warez, money-making offers, gambling etc.


  • Publishers indulging in above activities after approval subject to lifetime ban.
  • Don’t ever manipulate the ad code.
  • Don’t generate traffic by false means like using bots or software.


Matomy media pays its publishers on Net 35 basis. The payment options are PayPal, Wire and Payoneer. The threshold payout when paid via PayPal is $10, $20 if it is Payoneer and $50 for Wire option.


  • 100% fill rate
  • High quality ad inventory
  • Reputed ad network
  • Higher eCPM rates
  • Timely payments
  • Low minimum payout
  • Excellent support ( Account Manager )


  • Matomy display advertising is not for small publishers and bloggers.
  • Sometimes the campaigns convert to CPA. Publishers won’t gain even though having thousands of impressions and clicks.

Final Conclusion :

Matomy display works well for sites having tons of traffic from Europe and US. That doesn’t mean that performance of non-European traffic sites is worse. However your earning depend on the ads placement, niche and location. Drive tons of traffic to get benefited with Matomy display advertising. Usage of best ad units may increase your earnings. Hope this Matomy media display review help publishers to get started.

Join this ad network and start making money

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