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Sovrn Review

Sovrn formerly Ligit is a CPM network based in US. According to them they serve more than 20,000 publishers globally. Publishers could really get benefited from Sovrn’s analytics tool to identify the site’s statistics like traffic and engaging content. Sovrn uses this information along with keywords on the site’s page to deliver the ad inventory.  The mantra is simple. Great content and traffic always attract potential advertisers. Most of the times it’s the site with decent US traffic gains more with Sovrn. But one must not misunderstand that a site having non US traffic is always worse. Certainly there would be a slight variation of eCPM rates.

Publishers must take advantage of Sovrn’s tools completely to know their audience and areas to improve in their very niche. Some of them are third-party SEO tools which are of great use to publishers. Sovrn review each publisher’s application before approving it. They straightaway rejects sites hosting inappropriate or objectionable content. But this is not going to work all the times. In this case publishers must test on their own. There are absolutely no traffic restrictions for sites to join publisher program.

Ad formats

Sovrn publishers could access the following ad formats.

  1. Display – The different sizes used in display format are 160×600, 300×250, 728×90 and 300×600.
  2. Video – Generally the ads shown are VAST video ad and pre-roll.
  3. Mobile – The sizes used in mobile format are 300×250 and 320×50.

The biggest advantage is that publishers can set a eCPM price for the ads. If Sovrn fails to show the ads you could always use backup ads. For instance the publisher can keep Google Adsense ads as backup. It will benefit the publisher in both the ways. Either high eCPM Sovrn ads or else Adsense ads would be shown.


The minimum payout is $25 and publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The publishers could receive their earnings from the following payment options :

  1. PayPal (International)
  2. ACH (US)
  3. eCheck (US)
  4. Wire transfer (International)
  5. Check (US)

Sovrn will be going to cover all the PayPal fees of publishers. Being a publisher you could any time change the payment option. Sovrn doesn’t emphasize publishers to fill the tax information.


  • High eCPM rate for US traffic
  • Prompt and great support
  • Detailed reporting system
  • Useful tools to analyze site performance


  • Fill rate will surely disappoint non-US traffic sites. Even for other sites fill rates are around 80-90%.
  • eCPM rates are low for international traffic.
  • No referral program

Final Conclusion

Sovrn is a promising source of income for publishers who could manage to attract decent US traffic for their sites. Being a publisher if your site has low US traffic don’t panic. Back up ads would come to rescue. Hope this Sovrn review helps newbies to get started.

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2 thoughts on “Sovrn review – CPM advertising network

  1. I have to read online review about sovrn before signup. I will experiment for a while and see if they worth it. Although my traffic from US isnt that much

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