Top JEE Mistakes You Need to Avoid

To those JEE Aspirant students, your future in getting admitted to top Engineering Colleges and Institutes in India, in order to have a satisfying career, all these depends on the JEE result and the score you achieve.


Here are some of the mistakes made by JEE aspirants. Things to-do and not-to-do list

  1. Not Paying Attention to School Lectures: Most of the JEE aspirant students make common error, and that is, ignoring or not paying much attention to their school teachers’ in the class. Attend classes regularly. Paying attention, giving importance to your class sessions/lectures is one way of preparing for JEE.
  1. Buying Piles of Books: Spending huge amount of money and wasting time in searching and buying piles of books which are not even recommended or suggested by the experts is also one big mistake made by JEE aspirants. The best way to getting started is to stick with NCERT books and school books. Group study and sharing books among the peers are also highly recommended. Apart from the study materials provided by coaching centres, this site for is also good reference for all you JEE aspirants – , recommended along with it.
  1. Concentrating Only On Single Subject: Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Concentrating on only one of these subjects, example scoring high marks in one or two of these subjects and not much score on the third one damages the balance of your JEE preparation. So keep all these three subjects in balanced scores, because that way, it will work in your favour in the ranking at the final examination time.
  1. Avoiding Questions You Cannot Solve: Most JEE aspirants make the mistake of ignoring questions you cannot answer while going through mock test, sample question papers. It is important to do and try out all the questions and discuss or check them your teachers.
  1. Not Taking Enough Mock Tests, Mock Exams: Practice makes perfect. Take part in as many mock test, sample exams etc – both online and offline modes will help you in the long run, here it means JEE final examination score card.
  1. Ignoring Class XI and Class XII school syllabus: We all know that JEE syllabus covers topics, chapters from Class XI and Class XII. Start preparing one chapter a day, 9-10 months before JEE exam.
  1. Do Not Skip Long Questions: I repeat, do not skip long questions just because they are long and take time, because in fact they are simple. Read them carefully and you will find the answer.
  1. Giving More Time To The Subject You Find Easier: As mentioned earlier, give equal attention to all the three subjects – Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. In case if you are giving 2 hours to Maths, then give 2 hours to Physics, and another 2 hours to Chemistry.
  1. Worried or Carefree About JEE : Too much worrying or too much carefree/careless about the examination will give a toll on your score. You are the one who is practicing and you yourself should figure out how it will be in the end. If you have studied and practiced ritually and in the best way then you need not stress out much. Just give your best shot on the exam day.
  1. Do Not Discuss After The Exam: We usually discuss about our performance after every paper got over. Do not do that. Discussing which answer is correct or what went wrong does not give you confidence for your next paper. So skip this part and concentrate on your next paper.

~Do not under value JEE. Work hard. Work smart.~

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