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Pubsio Review : Online Advertising Network

Pubsio Review : Online Advertising Network Pubsio is an online ad network based in US. The revenue model of this ad network is CPM. This network serves potential advertisers and reputed publishers worldwide. Pubsio review sites before approving them. Generally they take 24 hours to approve your site. Requirements for sites to join Pubsio ad …

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Kontextua review : online advertising network

Kontextua review Kontextua is an online advertising network acquired by Redmas. Located in Argentina this network specializes in In-text, In-Image and Related tags. The revenue models of this network are CPM/CPC. This ad network is working with more than 20,000 publishers worldwide. It is a best alternative to Infolinks network when it comes to In-Text …

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How to make money with Kontera

Kontera is a well-known in-text advertising network similar to Infolinks. The approval process usually doesn’t take long time. Kontera supplies code to the publishers to place on their blogs or websites. Kontera provides relevant in-text advertisements to the publishers. Publishers will get paid every time a user hovers or clicks on the double underlined keywords. Publishers can run Kontera …

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