Ezmob Review: Self-Serve Advertising Network

Today, our review is about EZmob, a self-serve ad network powered by thousands of premium publishers and SSPs for pop, push, native, and banner ad inventory.

EZmob is made for affiliate marketers and media buyers who are looking to generate conversions, leads, or sales on their performance marketing campaigns.


This review will include the main advertiser features available on EZmob’s ad delivery platform, but EZmob does cater to publishers as well, you can read all about it on their website.

What sort of campaigns work on EZmob’s platform?

EZmob enables advertisers to utilize the most effective ad formats which are very well suited for converting affiliate offers.

Advertisers can launch pop, push or display campaigns in various verticals, the most popular include finance, utilities, downloads, mobile content, e-commerce, gambling, and more!

What does it take to launch a campaign?

Advertisers are required to register an advertiser account on EZmob’s self-serve portal and verify their account, they are also requested to provide general information and are directed to either setup campaigns or fund their account.

EZmob’s threshold for testing their inventory is low and only $50, which can be paid via a variety of payment methods so most markets are welcome to test their pop and push inventory.

The payment methods EZmob accepts are PayPal, Capitalist, Paxum, Credit Card, Payoneer, and WebMoney.

What sort of bids do I have to use to get pop and push traffic?

Advertisers can launch pop and push campaigns for pretty low minimum bids for a healthy amount of traffic.

  1. Pop campaigns are CPM-based and start at $0.20 CPM, which means you get 1000 users visiting your website for only $0.20.
  2. Push campaigns can be launched for $0.005 CPC (cost-per-click) which again, allows for a nice volume of traffic for very low starting amounts.
  3. Display campaigns (Banner and Native) can be launched for either CPM or CPC rates.

How can you optimize your campaigns with EZmob?

EZmob enables advertisers to target according to many features (OS, GEO, Connection, Device, Browser, IP, Placements, Publishers, and more). And therefore, its reporting allows users to drill down and understand how to maximize their ad budget.

Any insights offered by the reporting interface can be actioned upon through EZmob’s campaign configuration and targeting.

EZmob’s targeted campaigns allow marketers to pinpoint and target specific segments of people who share their brand’s value propositions.

What are the other main features of the EZmob advertising platform?

  1. RTB and XML technology
  2. A variety of payment methods
  3. Real-time reporting interface
  4. Campaign setup and reporting APIs
  5. Dedicated support by chat, email, and helpdesk

EZmob makes sure you reach your goals with the best Pop and Push technology, 100% human traffic, and VIP support for your campaigns in real-time. Join them and promote affiliate offers, app installs, content arbitrage campaigns, and much more.

Check out their advertiser helpdesk, read a few case studies, or dive headfirst into their blog to make sure you check all the boxes when you launch your next campaign with EZmob.

Join EZmob’s Pop & Push notification ad network!

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