Builderall Affiliate Program (2023): Best Way to Earn Cash

Do you know that Builderall affiliate program can actually give you 100% commission?

It is not a prank or a fake statement.

It is absolutely true.

We will be going to review the Builderall’s affiliate program in this post.

But have you heard about the Builderall before?

If this is the first time you have heard about it, then no worries.

We will be talking about Builderall first.

What Is Builderall?


Image source: Builderall

Builderall is a one stop solution for online businesses to start from scratch to grow remarkably.

It was launched in 2011 by a Brazilian entrepreneur named Erick Salgado.

Builderall is one of the finest digital marketing platforms to offer tools in one place at affordable prices.

Say, for example you have launched your own digital startup company named “XYZ”.

Builderall will provide you with everything that you need to grow your business.

Be it creating an amazing website, designing marketing pages, promotion on social media, Email marketing, traffic generation, lead generation or building sales funnel.

You don’t need to run to every company that offers these services specifically.

Builderall will provide all the tools to grow your online business.

Many reputable online businesses and ecommerce companies rely on Builderall.

At the time of writing, they had over 500,000 customers.

Over 12 million websites have been built using Builderall website builder and 100 million leads were collected.

You can check their plans on this page.

Some of the tools offered by Builderall are:

  • Cheetah builder (Website builder)
  • Cheetah eCommerce (Online store)
  • E-Learning Tool with Visual Editor
  • Magazine builder
  • Webinar tool
  • Mockup studio
  • Funnel builder

They have tools for WordPress users too.

Now, we will cover the Builderall affiliate review part.

What Is Builderall Affiliate Program?

Builderall is calling enthusiastic affiliates to join their affiliate program.


Because their affiliate program is lucrative indeed!

You will come to know why it is so beneficial once you read this review article.

Just like many affiliate programs, Builderall is going to reward affiliates for recommending customers.

It is a win-win situation for both affiliates and Builderall.

But who can join as an affiliate?

You can join the Builderall as an affiliate in two ways:

  1. Existing Builderall customer: If someone subscribes to any of the Builderall plan, then automatically they are entitled to affiliate program.
  2. Solo affiliate: This category is for those who do not need to be a Builderall customer.

What Is the Builderall Affiliate Sign up Process?

Visit for the Builderall affiliate signup.

While signing up as an affiliate, you will be asked a few questions like:

  • How many leads are in your email list?
  • Why do you want to promote Builderall?
  • What is your strategy promoting Builderall?
  • How long have you been working with digital marketing?
  • What is the platform you are going to create your funnels and promote Builderall?

Apart from the following questions, you will be asked about your social media accounts like Facebook page, Instagram profile and YouTube channel.

Make sure that your application is complete and accurate or otherwise they will reject you.

The Builderall team will review your application within 30 days and let you know the status via email.

Note: If you are a Builderall customer, then your affiliate program feature will be readily available.

How Can Affiliates Promote Builderall?

  • Blog posts:

The bloggers can write blog posts about Builderall and embed their affiliate links.

You can write a topic around website creation or the purpose of having a website.

Explain how Builderall can help you in building your online business from scratch.

Share your Builderall affiliate link within the article.

  • Videos:

Video marketing is a proven method to build referrals.

Make videos about Builderall and upload them on YouTube.

Don’t forget to leave your affiliate link in the video’s description.

  • Newsletters:

Building lists are important to any type of business, online or offline.

Send newsletters about Builderall to your subscribers list.

Tell them how someone can use Builderall to create a website and run an online business.

  • Social Media:

Promote Builderall on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Be consistent in promoting Builderall on social media.

  • Facebook group:

Create a Facebook group related to online business and build relevant connections.

Motivate the members to use Builderall for building their online business.

  • Websites or blogs:

When you get approval from Builderall, you will have access to multiple promotional materials like banners and links.

Use them wisely on your websites or blogs so that they can attract your readers.

  • Webinars:

Webinar is an innovative way to build referrals.

Arrange webinars related to online business.

In the end, share your Builerall’s affiliate link with the participants.

What Are the Builderall Affiliate Commission Rates?

When we talk about the commission rates offered by Builderall, they are pretty attractive.

This is the reason why many top affiliates are earning tons of money promoting Builderall.

Builderall will be paying two types of commissions: 1. Flat commission for referring to a customer and thereafter recurring commissions; 2. Two tier recurring commission from affiliates you refer to Builderall.

When your referral subscribes to one of a Builderall’s plans, then you will earn 100% commission as a welcome bonus.

Later you will earn 30% recurring commission as long as your referral stays with Builderall.

If your referral refers someone to Builderall, then you can also earn 30% recurring commission.

To clarify things, Builderall had developed an affiliate calculator tool.

You can go straightaway to the calculator section on the affiliate page.

We will explain the affiliate Builderall commission structure through an example.

For example, you can make 100 sales per year in addition to the first referral.

The first month’s commission will be 100%.

From the second month, you will be entitled to receive 30% commission.

If you also refer to at least 10 affiliates and in return they were successful in referring to a total of 100 sales per year, then you can earn 30% recurring commission. Please find the affiliate calculator citing our example in the image below:

Builderall affiliate calculator

Note: The commission rates may tend to change in the future. They will update their commission rates on their affiliate program page.

What Are the Builderall Affiliate Payment Methods?

You can withdraw your earnings only through ewallet.

According to Builderall,

“eWallet is a virtual account that allows Builderall to efficiently manage payments, including paying its participants. eWallet provides great flexibility and preference options to the participant by offering various methods to receive funds such as Bank Account, Wire Transfer, transfer to existing credit card, prepaid card, and others.”

While most of the companies pay their affiliates through PayPal. But Builderall only pays via iPayout (ewallet).

The very first commission will be held for 35 days.

You should make at least $250 in commissions before withdrawing for the first time.

Once you receive the first-time commission, the restrictions will be relaxed.

You will get paid every week and there will be no threshold limit.

What Are the Benefits of This Affiliate Program?

  • Anyone with a decent website and social media audience can make thousands of dollars every month.
  • You can build passive income by referring both customers and affiliates to Builderall.
  • The Builderall customers can also earn money from the affiliate program.
  • There is no limit when it comes to affiliate commissions.
  • You can take advantage of the Builderall affiliate calculator tool.
  • Being a qualified affiliate, you can join their official Facebook group.

What Are the Cons?

  • Not everyone can join this affiliate program. Your website should have a good number of visitors. Even this rule applies to your social media accounts too.
  • You cannot make withdrawal via PayPal.

What Are the Alternatives to Builderall Affiliate Program?

There could be many alternatives. However, we will strongly recommend affiliate program.

You can also try Optimizepress affiliate program.

Is Builderall Affiliate Marketing Worthy?

There are top Builderall affiliates who are earning over 500,000 US dollars every year.

You can check their affiliate page where you can find top affiliates who are earning six figure income every year.

It is definitely worth it and you can try it.

The best part of this affiliate program is that you can earn recurring commissions from customers and referrals.

Have you worked with the Builderall as an affiliate?

We would love to hear about your work experience.

We hope this Builderall affiliate program review helps people while getting started.

Become a Builderall affiliate and start earning recurring commissions!

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