Infobarrel review – social writing platform

Infobarrel review

Infobarrel is a revenue sharing writing platform where content contributors make money from advertising. It started its journey in year 2008 and very much successful in attracting 1+ million visitors monthly.  Writers can either donate their earnings to charity or keep for themselves. While researching Infobarrel I encountered mixed reactions from the contributors. One could also find comments on their site’s homepage. Many times Infobarrel is in news for raising money for global causes.

infobarrel review

How does Infobarrel work

The very first thing one must do is to signup Infobarrel and get started. Create great content and wait for the article’s approval. Infobarrel review every post that one send before publishing. Once Infobarrel find your content unique and legitimate you get paid.

The very difference between LinkedIn’s free publishing platform and Infobarrel is that in later publishers can actually monetize their content.

Experts in specific areas can write on the topics that interests them. You can select a wide range of categories from health to business. Publishers can promote their articles via mail and commenting. Apart from global exposure to your content you get paid as well. But make sure that your content is not published anywhere because Infobarrel doesn’t allow copyrighted articles. Publishers could add images and videos to their content.

The main source of revenue generation is Google Adsense. Apart from it publishers could also monetize with  Amazon affiliate ads or Infobarrel Ads. Publishers would get 75% of the revenue share from advertising and Infobarrel will take remaining 25%.

Pros of Infobarrel social writing platform

  • Publishers have access to different advertising options along with Adsense. Everyone knows how hard it is to get Adsense account these days. So, publishers can try other alternatives.
  • Infobarrel forum is open for its members. There one could see announcements, writing tips, discussions and many more.
  • Publishers can increase engagements by commenting on other articles.
  • Infobarrel also conducts different contests. Members are free to participate to boost their earnings.
  • Being an Infobarrel member for more than 14 days with 10 published articles you’re eligible for preapproved status.
  • Publishers can also increase their earnings by referring others.

Cons of Infobarrel social writing platform

  • Sometimes your content may get rejected with low quality reason.
  • They may take long time to review ad approve your article.
  • In the absence of Adsense, publishers may experience low earnings. In this case you will get paid only when someone buys from Amazon’s links.

How do Infobarrel publishers get paid

Infobarrel pays its publishers on Net 45 basis via PayPal. The minimum payout is $50.

Final Conclusion

Infobarrel works well if you can create great content and has running Adsense account. Hope newbies and content writers find this Infobarrel review helpful.

Update: The site is not working.

2 thoughts on “Infobarrel review – social writing platform

  1. Excellent review. InfoBarrel is a good site for writers but it wasn’t for me. However your review presents a very accurate picture and there are writers there who are successful using the platform.

    1. Hello Treathyl,

      Nice to see you after long time. Its sad to hear that Infobarrel didn’t work for you. Yes even I heard mixed reactions from writers. By the way could you please share your experience with our readers.

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