Liveintent review – Email monetization platform

LiveIntent review

LiveIntent is an Email monetization network working with more than 450 high quality advertisers and 750+ premium publishers. Publishers can monetize their newsletters with ads. The revenue model of LiveIntent is CPM. Generally people compare LiveIntent with Adsense when it comes to quality and higher conversion. LiveIntent accepts publishers who manages to attract at least 3 million page views.

Brands like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest and Wall Street Journal uses LiveIntent platform to monetize their emails. According to LiveIntent the global reach of ad inventory is 92 million which is really huge.

How does LiveIntent work

LiveIntent review every publisher application before approval. Being an eligible publisher you must place static HTML LiveTags (LiveIntent’s patent software) in your email templates. Automatically your subscribers get a chance to see live ads along with your great content. LiveIntent always try to deliver high quality ad inventory. They have collaborated with several email providers like MailChimp. LiveIntent offers different sizes of display ads to show in emails.

Best features of LiveIntent

  • Great way of monetizing email content
  • Ad inventory is responsive that is it works in any gadget and on any platform.
  • Installation is pretty easy.
  • 100% fill rate
  • High eCPM rates
  • It reaches to potential people.
  • The ads are clean and don’t contain any malware or virus.
  • High quality ad inventory
  • Real time reporting system

Cons of LiveIntent

  • Sometimes publishers may experience poor ad relevancy. It may annoy readers to see unwanted stuff along with newsletters. Relevancy certainly boost up engagements.
  • Huge traffic requirements for small webmasters.
  • No WordPress plugin
  • Publishers won’t get paid if their subscribers don’t open the emails.
  • The earnings generated from email campaigns are relatively low when compared with banner advertising on sites.
  • No affiliate program

Payment of LiveIntent

The eCPM rate of LiveIntent is around $3 i.e. you will get paid $3 for 1000 page impressions. The conversion rates are often low when compared to other CPC ad networks. The earnings purely depend on your reputation and email subscribers. One could generate huge revenue if he/she has millions of potential subscribers.

LiveIntent didn’t disclose the threshold payout, payment time and options.

Final conclusion of LiveIntent

You might be an app developer, a blogger or an expert in anything and you have millions of online fans then LiveIntent is a great way to monetize medium which connects your real subscribers. Don’t fully rely on LiveIntent alone. It’s an extra way to boost your online revenue. Hope this LiveIntent review helps publishers to get started and make huge money.

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