The Most Lucrative Affiliate Niches on the Internet

With the internet audience developing an increased “ad blindness” and the multitude of a blocking extensions and apps that keep publishers from generating revenues through displaying banners in the traditional way, affiliate marketing is slowly taking over as the most efficient way for brands to reach out to their audience. This usually means more work for the brands and for the publishers, but also more profit for the affiliates to be made. But if you are new to the affiliate market, you might find it hard to find the right niche for your needs. But this short guide here will help you direct your attention toward the three most lucrative ones available online.

Money, health, love

These niches are the ones considered “evergreens” – people are always dissatisfied with the content of their bank account, the state of their health and their love life. For sure, there is a lot of money to be made off these niches, but only if you do it right – but that is the topic for another time. Now let’s take a look at what niche to choose for a constant revenue stream.


People are always in need of more cash in their pocket (or their bank account), and for ways to make it with the least effort possible. The topic of money covers a great variety of sub-niches, like internet marketing, FOREX, multi-level marketing, business opportunities, but perhaps one of the best paying one of them is internet gambling (in countries where it is legal, of course).

Gambling affiliate programs like the one promoting can generate tens of dollars for one lead, and further revenues for every purchase the same player makes for a time.


This niche covers a series of topics, from diets, weight loss programs, workout, but bike and roller skates themed websites also fit into this category. The products to be sold include diet e-books, weights, roller skates and bikes (+ their accessories), cook books, kitchen utensils, fitness trackers, and whatever else you can think of.


From self help books to enhancement drugs and dating websites everything can fit into this niche. As I said before, there are not many people fully content with their love life, with their performance between the sheets – and many of them are likely to pay for things that have the potential to improve these.

This niche has endless sub-niches to explore, and equally endless ways to generate leads – think of fan fiction, apparel, self help, cosmetics, dating websites and apps, and so on.

Love is maybe the perfect niche to tie in other high paying ones – like the above mentioned “Money” and “Health” ones, as “women find muscular males with stuffed pockets more attractive”…

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