HostGator Affiliate Program Review (2020) : Scam Or Legit


I am going to talk about the HostGator affiliate program in this post. There would be no site owner who had not heard about the HostGator. Be an ad or a post on the forum, HostGator is everywhere. I got a mail from one of my subscriber asking to write a review about the HostGator affiliate program. There was a backfire from many affiliates for non-payments. This is the reason why I didn’t write about their affiliate program so far. Let us go into the topic now.

How To Become HostGator Affiliate?

Go to HostGator affiliate sign up page and apply. The affiliate program is powered by the Impact. If you do not have an account in Impact, then create one and apply as a HostGator affiliate. You do not need to wait for the approval. The affiliate can directly login into the Impact account and start promoting. You will have the access to a wide range of promotional tools like banners, promos, text links and more.

If you are an Indian, then you need to sign up for the HostGator India affiliate program.

How Does The HostGator Affiliate Program Work?

The HostGator affiliate program works only for hosting sales. Before applying as an affiliate, make sure that your website is functional and attracts adequate traffic. The affiliates should promote the HostGator everywhere so that they get the best leads. While promoting one can either give the coupon code or referral link. When someone purchases with a coupon code or referral link, you will get paid. You can create your own coupon code in the dashboard. Look at the image below :

hostgator promo code

How Can You Promote The HostGator?

You may be interested to know how to promote the HostGator. Look at these methods :

  • The bloggers can write a blog post about the HostGator and share with their friends.
  • You can promote the HostGator on the social media. The Impact has given the facility to share your link on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you have a list of subscribers, then let them know about the HostGator promos and special offers. Give them the HostGator affiliate coupon code or link.
  • You can place the banners or text links in the sidebar or within blog posts.
  • If you have a YouTube channel, then create videos about the Hostgator plans and offers. Don’t forget to leave your referral links or coupon codes in the description.
  • Create a webinar and invite newbies or site owners. At the end of webinar, give them your referral links or promo codes.
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What Are The Hostgator Affiliate Commission Rates?

The commissions increases with the signups. See how it works :

  • 1-5 monthly leads – $65 /signup
  • 6-10 monthly leads – $75 /signup
  • 11-20 monthly leads – $100 /signup
  • 21+ monthly leads – $125 /signup

When And How Will You Get Paid?

The HostGator will credit your commission after completion of 2 months and 10 days. They have the 45 days money back policy. If someone cancels their account or gets refund, then you don’t get the commission. The payment options are bank transfer and PayPal. You must reach at least $50 for withdrawing funds.

Why Should Someone Join The HostGator Affiliate Program?

  • For becoming affiliate, you don’t need to host your websites with the HostGator.
  • The HostGator is a well known brand. You can easily convince the people.
  • You can create your own promo codes.
  • There are lot of promotional tools available for affiliates.
  • You can track the conversions, referrals and revenue in the real time.

What Are The Alternatives For The HostGator Affiliate Program? (Reviews)

These are some of the alternatives :

How Can You Reach The HostGator Affiliate Support?

If you need any help, then reach the HostGator team at

What Is The Conclusion?

One must join the HostGator affiliate program for maximizing their earnings. Many of the bloggers are sharing their payments screenshots. So, the HostGator affiliate program is legit. Speaking frankly, I never tried their affiliate program. If you had worked as a HostGator affiliate, then please share your experiences. Hope this review help the affiliates for getting started.

Give a try to the Hostgator affiliate program

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