ServerPilot Referral Program Review : Recommend And Earn

ServerPilot manages server when you host WordPress sites or PHP based apps on cloud servers. They may be hosted on any platform like DigitalOcean and Rackspace. Do not mistake ServerPilot as a server provider. It is a server management platform. Today I am going to talk about ServerPilot referral program. One should know the real difference between a referral program and an affiliate program.

The affiliate program would let you earn money. Whereas the referral program lets you earn profit in terms of credit. The credit is like a discount in the price of product or service that company is offering. Say for example, ServerPilot economy plan is charging 30 apps/2 servers at $25/monthly. Here the apps can be anything like websites or mobile apps. If a referral earns $25 in credit, then he can use it for running 30 apps in 2 servers. The prices may vary and I cited this example for reference.

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How To Join ServerPilot Referral Program?

Go to ServerPilot referral program page and register yourself. There is no waiting for the approval. You can straightaway start promoting ServerPilot.

How Can The Users Promote ServerPilot?

The users can promote ServerPilot using the following ways :

  • Write a review article or blog post about ServerPilot and share with webmasters or app developers.
  • Create a YouTube video about ServerPilot and leave the referral link in the description.
  • Place banners on your website or blog to attract audience.
  • Send newsletters about ServerPilot to the subscribers list.
  • Promote ServerPilot on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

How Does The ServerPilot Referral Program Work?

The referral will earn $10 in credit after spending at least $25 and you will earn $25 in credit. There is no limit for referring customers.

Final Conclusion :

One must join this referral program to earn credits. If you had an experience with ServerPilot referral program, then please share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this ServerPilot referral program review help people to get started.

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