How Can You Make Money From Crowd Sourcing Jobs

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowd sourcing is a way of utilizing the concerted efforts of a group of people or ‘crowd’ for helping people or business in solving a problem or for creating a new product.

The participants of the group efforts are compensated, either financially or through prizes.

For instance, iStockPhoto, a website sharing images pay an amateur photographer, $1.5 for an innovative photo.

Similarly, another website; Threadless pays to community members for voting for a particular design of T-shirt that should be made.

The Genius Crowds pays for submitting their ideas on products that should be developed into prototypes.

Compensation for Crowdsourcing

There are two categories of sites that compensate the participants differently. The first one is pay-on-task sites that pay around $0.1 to $20 for a completed task.

The second category is contest prize sites that pay more money and additional benefits such as royalties, job contract or products prototypes.

How to Earn Money?

Firstly, you have to sign up for a crowd sourcing sites which suits to your skill, expertise and knowhow.

If your skill, innovativeness or creativity is accepted by the outsourcing company, it will pay you according to the benefit they derive from your suggestions, ideas or services.

The following are the names of companies, along with money they usually pay :


It presently has a membership of 90,000 with 250 ongoing projects. You can get between $100 to $1000 for tasks such as creating a home page, naming a company, designing a log or image.

In case, you are an accomplished programmer or artist, you can earn a good amount of money.


It outsources jobs like providing feedback on products, posting for Facebook, hosting of product-related parties, or answering to questions.

On the basis of your activities, you will be assigned with points. On attaining enough points, you can exchange the same for gift cards, or can donate them to charity.

Besides earning money, you can donate 5% of your earnings to your selected charities, added with a matching amount from Crowdtrap.


Firstly, you have to be a member of the micro-labor site of Amazon. You can then avail the chance of performing Human Intelligence Task (HIT), which computers can’t perform.

You can get $0.12 for finding a page Rank of a URL. For writing a 350 words resource article, you can earn up to $10. For instance if you choose for an exhaustive list of lodgings, for a penny per answer, you can earn $50, if you make 5, 000 accurate responses.

For a Spoken language System, you can earn 10 cents for annotating batches of photos, by using the speech.

You must get the complete idea of mTurk before you start working on this so that your quality score will be high.

  1. IdeaOffer

You have to view projects that require new and innovative ideas. After submitting an idea, if it is selected as winner, you can earn up to $100. The usual payout is from $5 to $15.

  1. Naming

If you can create product and domain names, you can earn from $20 to $250. Get signed up and start voting for the names, liked the best by you. For submitting 200 votes in 30 days, you can earn up to $500


Although German-based, it has an English version. You can earn money by translating, researching, data processing and search engine optimization. First, you have to qualify for the job.

  1. Cloudcrowd

You need to have a Facebook account for working on this site. The jobs include data entry, translation, internet searching, image processing and content creating.


After signing up with Mechanical Turk, you can take up transcription jobs and can get payment through a bank account in the US or through Amazon corn store credit.


By obtaining creative briefs from the site, you can take up creative work on photography & video, marketing, designing. There is a record of single largest submitted brief of $130,000. But you definitely can earn in the thousands


If selected by the site, you can get paid for all creative submissions. When a job is assigned to you, a staff of GeniusRocket coordinates your work with the client.

You are judged by the quality of your work, years of experience, your past clientele and your creative expertise..


They manage creative briefs on projects related to business strategy and marketing and recommend your name to clients. During the brainstorming session, you have to submit your ideas.


You can participate in branding and naming contest and can earn from $50 to $100. Other categories of work include research and advice, testing and usability, marketing, videos, web designing and logos.

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