BlueStacks Affiliate Program Review : Drive Traffic And Earn Money

Bluestacks app player is used to run mobile apps on Windows and Mac. More than 200 million people around the world are playing games and running apps on desktops and tablets. Bluestacks is absolutely free for consumer use but there is a fee for professional edition. The companies or businesses have to pay for the licence. Today I am going to talk about Bluestacks affiliate program. Being an affiliate, you can make decent commission by referring customers to Bluestacks. The revenue model of this affiliate program is PPI a.k.a Pay Per Install. The good news is that you can earn money for every install.

Who Can Join Bluestacks Affiliate Program?

Bluestacks affiliate program is open to YouTube gaming channel creators, streamers, Gaming sites owners or bloggers, Gaming related social media influencers and gaming content creators. If you have huge subscribers list related to gaming, then there are greater chances to monetize with Bluestacks.

How To Promote Bluestacks?

This is a tricky part but you can earn decent commission if you follow right strategies. Unlike other affiliate programs, here affiliates must use the relevant platforms to attract audience. For example, you  own a gaming reviews blog, then you can send newsletters about Bluestacks to your E-Mail list. If you are a YouTube channel creator then make a video about Bluestacks and leave referral link in the description. The same rule applies to social influencers, Twitch streamers or forum owners.

What Is The Commission Structure Of Bluestacks Affiliates?

The commissions for affiliates are paid on tiered structure. These are the following 4 tiers :

Tiers And Commissions

  • 1 : The minimum requirement is 300,000 installs per month. You can receive very high commission in this tier.
  • 2 : The minimum requirement is 150,000 installs per month. You can earn up to $9.50 per install.
  • 3 : The minimum requirement is 50,000 installs per month. You can earn up to $7.00 per install.
  • 4 : There is no minimum requirement in this case. You can earn up to $5 per install.

The affiliates are paid on monthly basis. You must reach at least $300 to receive revenue. The payment options are PayPal and Wire transfer.

Best Features Of Bluestacks Affiliate Program

  • Competitive commissions
  • Timely payments
  • Real-time tracking
  • Affiliate newsletters
  • Dedicated support : If you have anything to ask, then send a mail to Bluestacks team at [email protected]

Final Conclusion

One must give a try to Bluestacks affiliate program for earning decent income. The Bluestacks affiliates can share their experiences below. Hope this Blustacks affiliate program review help people to get started.

Join Bluestacks Affiliate Program And Start Making Money !

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