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  1. Saidur Rahman says:

    I’m working with SmartAdv last year (Nov & Dec 2017) along with all other company like BizProfits, Maxbounty, PeerFly and some others as well. SmartAdv is the first company till now i am working with that i have to wait for get paid until advertiser pay them. And this way i just lost my $1716. I earned $2156 by promoting a offer, my first payout date was Jani 1st after Net 30day ( Nov month payment). When payout date came my AM started ignore me & not reply my message. After send them lot of email, skype message, facebook page message they agreed to pay me Nove month half payment $440 on 23th Jan-2018. After that payment i tried to contact with with them lot of time for rest payment, finally they response me on 31th Jan-2018 & they said me they can’t pay me any more money as that advertiser did not paid them.

    How Funny, did i deal with advertiser or SmartAdv?
    Why i have to wait for payment till advertiser pay them?

    Atlast i want to say, Stay Away from this company guys, they are pure SCAM. Search for more review about them.

    See this image of my account summary as prove

  2. Avoid SmartAdv like the plague if you have any morals or value your reputation. They are basically a bunch of spammers who don’t adhere to the law, lie about where they got your email address from and won’t respond if you try to complain as they know they are liars. They will leave you out of pocket trying to defend their lies and deceit with people who have suffered in the hands of these criminals. They don’t adhere to suppression lists and keep spamming. They have no idea how to run a business or how to be professional.

    1. Hello Kerry,

      Sad to hear about your bad experience. What exactly had happened? Could you please share your experience?

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