Top 5 Freelance Sites To Make Decent Income


Top 5 Freelance Sites To Make Decent Income

There are enormous opportunities for people to make money online. Freelancing is one method of monetizing your skills. Often webmasters and bloggers look at Google Adsense as the only source of income. But, many of them failed to explore beyond it. Many people don’t recognize their own skills. This article focuses more on freelance sites. Work from home moms and many part timers are earning decent income. You might be a good content writer or a SEO expert, then these are the sources for making money.


1. Fiverr

Thousands of skilled professionals are selling their services to buyers via Fiverr. The basic services start at $5. Seller can increase the price depending on buyer’s requirement. Getting started will take you 5 minutes. You can start selling your services once your account get activated. Fiverr will take $1 commission from you. You can also make money referring others to this network.


Image Credit : Fiverr

2. Freelancer is the oldest and one of the reputed freelance sites in the world. Most of the times freelancers bid on the projects posted. Sometimes people straight away hire freelancers based on the reviews. The prices could be either fixed or on hourly basis. You could also make money referring experts.


Image Credit : Freelancer

3. Guru is serving freelancers and businesses since 1997. There is less crowd in this site compared to other freelance sites. But, it is a great source for freelancers to make money. Most of them charge per hour for their services.


Image Credit : Guru

4. Upwork 

Earlier ODesk and Elance were the leading freelance sites. From 2014 both companies merged with the name Upwork. It is one of the best freelance sites in the world. More than 10 million freelancers are providing services. The categories could be anything from YouTube marketing to financial planning. Experts charge per hour for the services.


Image Credit : Upwork

5. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is another community for freelancers to make decent income. The categories could be anything from designing to sales. Employers can also employ experts for small works which can be done in an hour. Skilled workers can join this freelance site to offer services.


Image Credit : Peopleperhour

Final Conclusion

These are top freelance sites where millions of freelancers are offering services. Skilled freelancers must give it a try to these 5 top freelancing sites. Experts who worked on these sites can share their stories. Hope this 5 freelancing sites review help newbies to get started.

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  1. Ben says:

    The same old top-5 rated platforms. Though I haven’t been familiar with Peopleperhour , thank you for this one)
    I’d mention at least one linguistic oriented freelance, such as

  2. Katharine says:

    Good links, I haven’t heard about those. Thanks! There are Also a lot of special websites for translators, copywriters. I have tested several and I have been using one of them for about 5 months –
    I was lucky to get few constant clients at once and now I have job all the time.


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